Retinopathy Of Prematurity (ROP) is an eye disorder affecting premature infants. This disorder, called “Retrolental Fibroplasia” in the past, occurs in premature babies when abnormal blood vessels and scar tissue grow over the retina and can progress to tractional retinal detachment and total blindness. Therefore, it is considered one of the major cause of blindness throughout the world. In addition to low birth weight and how premature a baby is born, other risk factors contribu..... Read More

LASIK SURGERY - Dr. Tarek Younis LASIK Surgery is the most commonly performed refractive surgery worldwide nowadays. The high success rate, the safety profile as well as the speedy recovery help both the doctor and the patient to easily achieve their goals.   HOW IT WORKS LASIK is a procedure that reforms the corneal surface back to the normal shape so the patient can get rid of glasses or contact lenses and enjoy normal vision without the need of any visual aids.   WHICH..... Read More