LASIK SURGERY - Dr. Tarek Younis

LASIK SURGERY - Dr. Tarek Younis

LASIK Surgery is the most commonly performed refractive surgery worldwide nowadays. The high success rate, the safety profile as well as the speedy recovery help both the doctor and the patient to easily achieve their goals.



LASIK is a procedure that reforms the corneal surface back to the normal shape so the patient can get rid of glasses or contact lenses and enjoy normal vision without the need of any visual aids.



We use a type of laser named Excimer-laser through a sophisticated machine that emits accurately laser pulses to certain points on the cornea, helped by a very fast tracking system to ensure the delivery of this laser pulses into its exact location regardless of the eye movement to finally obtain a regular cornea.



  • The patient is examined by the specialist doctor to determine the type and degree of error to be corrected (myopia-hyperopia-astigmatism).
  •  A full eye examination is performed to ensure that the eye is free of any other diseases.
  •  A special test (Corneal- topography) is performed to assess the thickness and shape of the cornea and match the results of the test. The findings of the previous measures to elicit the suitable candidate who is the right candidate for LASIK.
  • LASIK is performed usually after the age of 18 years to ensure the stability of vision, However, there is no upper age for LASIK as long as the eye is free of any disease.
  • LASIK can be performed to correct very special cases at a young age.
  • Pregnant ladies are better postponed to 3 months after delivery as the hormonal changes can affect the eye measures.



  • The patient will be prepared by applying anesthetic eye drops into the eye 15 mins before surgery.
  •  The patient will be moved into the LASIK room and sterile will be applied to the face sterilized around the eyes.
  • The corneal flap will be performed using a machine named microkeratome step.
  • The laser will be centered over the surface of the cornea (Laser is not painful, However, you will only hear the sound of laser.)
  • The eye will be washed and dried. A bandage contact lens will be placed on the surface of the eye for 24 hours to protect your eyes.
  • The patient will be reexamined 30 mins after the surgery and eye drops will be prescribed.
  • LASIK procedure last around 10 mins for both eyes.



  • The patient can see immediately after surgery without glasses, but the vision will be foggy only for few hours after surgery.
  • The patient can not drive immediately after LASIK, but he can start driving on the second day.
  • The patient refrains from rubbing his eyes for at least 3 days.
  • Eye drops are used for 1 week after surgery and wetting drops are used for 1-2 months.
  • On the second day of surgery, the patient should come for follow up to remove the contact lens.
  • The patient will be re-examined on the second day of surgery and one week later.


The patient can return to full normal activities on the second day of surgery.