Medcare hospital is built on pillars of quality, the Quality Management Department (QMD) was one of the first departments to be established before the official opening of the hospital with the purpose of building a total quality management structure that support quality improvement and patient safety functions and achieve the hallmark of quality improvement which is Joint Commission International Accreditation.

Performance Improvement Program

The QMD has established Performance Improvement program, based on data collection and statistical analysis to evaluate performance, measures outcomes, identifies areas for improvement, and determines priorities. Measurable Performance Improvement activities are prioritized in collaboration with the hospital administrative and clinical leadership.

Generally the Quality Management Department coordinates and oversees the functions of Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance at Medcare Hospital.

The purpose and functions of Quality Improvement are:

  • To assess and improve performance and thus produce the best quality and safe patient care and outcomes
  • To identify customers (internal, external)
  • To monitor and evaluate all providers, care settings, and types of services

The purpose and functions of Quality Assurance are:

  • To meet and monitor DOHMS regulatory requirements and JCIA standards
  • To develop profiles and management reports

Education and Training

In keeping with the Quality Management Department's commitment to education, the Department organizes presentations, workshops and conferences, including programs on quality improvement, patient safety, FOCUS-PDCA, Measurements. Faculty for these programs included the quality management department staff and quality consultants from our consultancy network such as Euro health systems.






Medcare Hospital have established a strategic plan of maintaining Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA). The preparation for JCIA has started long before the official opening of the hospital to make sure that the hospital structure and systems is built based on the standards.

The department accomplishes this by:

  • Leading and facilitating the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) project
  • Providing technical assistance to hospital departments, committees, and task forces
  • Keeping and interpreting JCIA standards
  • Conducting audits and evaluation
  • Analyzing trends
  • Facilitating the quality process
  • Monitoring internal as well as external functions of Medcare Hospital
  • Conducting Continuous Quality Improvement projects and activities
  • Conducting quality improvement training and education for all hospital staff
  • Clinical audit and Monitoring
  • Research and Development
  • Oversight of facility safety
  • Policy and procedure development and control
  • Risk and safety management