Medcare Hospital is aiming to improve patient care, patient outcomes and community health through innovation and the integration of service delivery, health research and clinical education. The medical practitioners and the support staff at Medcare are committed to deliver quality healthcare to the community and to the patients who come to the hospital and to make it both relevant and accessible to the residents, patients and their carers. It is our privilege to be associated with some of the leading healthcare institutions and professionals who provide their necessary assistance to ensure that the level of medical care given is not compromised and is within the expected levels. Our research portfolio encompasses basic and opinion based research focused on bringing participation of the other medical practitioners to give in their views and improve the outcome of treatment.

There is an active Good Clinical Practice (GCP) research done by some of the Medcare Physicians and we also have regular training programmes in place at hospital in form of CMEs. To make sure this practice it conducted on the highest standards of healthcare the medical practitioners indulge themselves to be kept updated on the recent trends and developments in the healthcare industry and extend their contributions in form of most suitable research and development that can benefit the community and bring in further improvement to the care no just in medical practice but also to educate them regarding the medical issues that needs necessary attention and how care can be mutually benefited to the person.

Dr. Mazen Naba (Emergence offluoroquinolone-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae in Lebanon)
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