Its never too late to live healthy

Not every person is an epitome of prime physical health. If you have reached adulthood without ever picking up any exercise routines or you know that your eating habits are poor, you might assume that you have cemented your fate health-wise. But that is not the case, fact is that you are never too old to develop and refine some new skills. Your age is still very much an advantage. It is upto you to accept your limitations, identify your abilities and work on your strengths.

As you age, your body begins to develop natural wear and tear, and your physical capacity essentially peaks in your twenties. This is the perfect time to develop proactive habits to protect your health for years to come. When starting out, take it slow, set realistic goals and choose activities that you might enjoy. Inclucate small efforts in your daily routine, for instance, try taking the stairs for once or go for a late night stroll.

Sports and your age

·      18 to 30 years: It is the age when physical abilities are excellent, performance reaches its peak, so it is advisable to take up all stypes of exercise during this age, unless there are any health conditions that you need to be careful off. Strength training is one of the most beneficial exercises to start. It helps boost your metabolism, build muscle, decrease aches and pains and increase your energy levels.  Cardio exercises can help improve your stamina, lung capacity and blood pressure, and it offers varied movements for your muscles. Be sure to stretch before and after exercising to prevent your muscles from tearing and weakening.

·      30 to 45 years: For people who are not used to regular exercise, this period is characterized by a decrease in the consistency of muscle work. But endurance can be easily built, your body has the ability to adapt very quickly. For those who wish to start exercising at 40 years of age, the necessary measures and precautions should be taken. The pattern of exercise should be gradually increased to restore fitness, eg. muscle stretching exercises, long-distance or medium-range running exercises. This can be a prelude to recommended sports: tennis, swimming, diving, basket or hand, and football

·      From 45 to 65 years: In this age there is a decline in physical capabilities. Follow-up with simple cardio exercises to test fitness

·      Beyond the age of 65: There is noticeable decline in health at this stage, but this does not prevent the continuation of exercise. Take up an appropriate work-out shedule under consultation of your healthcare practitioner. Because of the sensitivity of this age, it is advisable to regularly monitor activities. Consult with specialist doctors and taking into account their advice. Tests like an ECG (sports on a stationary bike), can measure blood pressure and study the possibility of thrombosis and avoid complications. One needs to considering the extent to which the heart muscle can endure physical exertion. For people with joint pains, swimming is an excellent exercise.


The key thing to note is that, nothing should prevent exercise, irrespective of your age. Active walking is the best sport for all ages. Even walking just 20 minutes a day can be beneficial. It is simple, inexpensive and fun. Ofcourse, eating right and quitting habits like smoking is essential, and we all know that.

So go on! Now is the perfect time to start adopting habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle well into your golden years.




Dr. Mohammad Wahid Daqaq

Orthopedic Surgery

Medcare Sharjah Hospital