Nadine Aoun

Clinical Dietician

Languages Spoken French
Education Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics
Specialist Clinical Dietician
DOH License Grade Specialist
Types of Physician Fulltime


  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietics- Notra Dame University, Zouk Mosbeh,Lebanon –Oct 2007-Feb 2011
  • Lebanese colloquium for Dieticians – Registered Dietician July 2012

Professional Associations

  • Syndicate of Dieticians – Lebanon

Professional Experience

  • 2 years experience as a clinical Dietician in a Hospital & clinical settings in Beirut Lebanon
  • Currently working as a clinical Dietician for Medcare Hospital & Clinics

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered

  • Reading and analyzing a patient’s medical file in order to prepare their diet plan, taking into account some important measures such as ingested medications, lab results , medical history.
  • Prepared case studies on major illness caused by unhealthy eating habits such as : hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, renal, cancer, dyslipidemia and gave nutritional discharges to patients dealing with such cases.
  • Decided an optimum diet plan for patients depending on their individual case and issued a report to the sector head summarizing what I was exposed to. Worked with : Maternity , Cardiology, Surgery, Pediatrics, Oncology.
  • Exposed to food service and kitchen management where I had to monitor the food temperature, storage procedure, receiving / handling of food , cooking procedure, hygiene.
  • Performed an in depth research, visits to nutrition centers , pharmacies , food stores and clinics and prepared presentation on the researched topics.
  • Assess nutritional health, evaluate current eating habits and plan an optional dietary program for chronic illness in the indigent population
  • Perform history and routine physical examination to document nutritional status of client
  • Promote health behavior counseling and to promote medical and life – style interventions
  • Perform nutritional assessments with tools and information available