Accidents, Emergency & Trauma Care

Accidents, Emergency & Trauma Care

If you are experiencing a critical or life-threatening illness or injury and it is non medico legal in nature, then please call 04 4079 111 or go to the nearest Government hospital’s accident and emergency department in Dubai.
If you are experiencing a critical or life-threatening illness or injury and it is medico legal in nature, please call 999 or go to the nearest Government hospital.

Medcare ER Care for Non-Emergencies (Non life threatening):
To reach an emergency care patient centre of Medcare or follow up on your emergency visit, please call:

  • Medcare Hospital – 04 4079 111
  • Medcare Medical Centre, Mirdif – 04 2847 199
  • Medcare Medical Centre, Jumeirah – 04 3953 115
  • Medcare Medical Centre, Mirdif City Centre – 04 2840722

Our Emergency and Accident Department offers:

  • Comprehensive medical care from minor illnesses to life-threatening situations
  • Full-fledged procedure room with equipments like dedicated defibrillator, ECG etc
  • Close proximity to diagnostic imaging and laboratory services
  • Short Stay Unit for those who do not need intensive care or admission.
  • ‘On call' access to a full range of medical and surgical specialists

Our Emergency Care Department is staffed round the clock by qualified Accident and Emergency Physicians and is one of the preferred providers of choice among the region’s patients, families, and referring physicians. The staff at our trauma hospital provide complete care for everything from minor illnesses to major accidents and trauma care, life-threatening conditions etc. The patients have immediate access to highly accomplished Trauma Surgeons, Neurosurgeons and Cardiologists and all other support Specialties. The accident department incorporates the most sophisticated and innovative technology available to deliver a full range of state-of-the-art emergency care services.
Our specialized knowledge in patient care, and advanced technology has made Medcare’s Emergency Services program a recognized leader in emergency and trauma care, research, education, patient transport and referral to other centres.


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