Anaesthesia & Critical Care

We have a strong team of Anaesthesia and Critical Care experts who specialise in administering anaesthesia, pain management and care of post-operative/ critically ill patients. Multidisciplinary in approach, they provide protocol-based treatment to ensure maximum patient safety.

General anaesthesia | Spinal anaesthesia | Critical care | Management of ventilated patients | Post-operative care | Pain management

Surgical Care

Perioperative anesthetic care | Anaesthesia for solid organ transplant | Invasive monitoring of deep hypothermic circulatory arrest and associated technique | Anaesthetic support for SSEP and MEP | Anaesthesia for infants, neonates and children | Anesthesia for all surgical sub specialities | Regional anaesthetic techniques with ultra sound and PNS | Trans oesophageal echocardiography | Difficult intubation maneuvers | ECMO and LVAD assistance | Neuro monitoring | BIS, NIRS, neuromuscular monitoring | TCD special anesthetic techniques for awake craniotomies | Blood conservative measures

Critical Care

High quality postoperative evidence based patient care | Resuscitation of acutely ill patients | Invasive and non-invasive mechanical Ventilation | Acute postoperative pain relief techniques | Continuous non-invasive cardiovascular monitoring (BP, ECG) | Invasive cardiovascular monitoring including CVP, systemic arterial pressure | Provision of advanced cardiac life support measures | Massive fluid resuscitation using high volume capacity fluid warming technology | Warming therapy for the hypothermic patients | Airway management |Ventilation monitoring including pulse oximetry, inspired O2 monitoring and capnography | Peripheral and central parenteral nutrition as well as enteral nutrition.


Adriana Dumitru


Specialist Anaesthesiologist (Under

Anjali Sukumara Meno



Annasaheb Balasaheb


Anesthesia Specialist

Chenal Shah


Specialist Anesthesia

Kiran Shende


Specialist Anaesthesiologist

Madhu Rane Manoj


Specialist Anesthesiologist

Nalla Sivam Nataraja


Specialist Anesthetist

Sherin Joseph Sunil


Specialist Anesthetist

Somaya  Abd Elmonem



Ulka D Samant



Vikas Arora


Anesthesia, Critical Care

Yasmeen AbdulRedha


Specialist Anaesthetist


Stay at Medcare

We believe that a warm, comfortable and positive ambience can hasten healing. That’s why our hospitals don’t look like hospitals. Right from clutter-free patient care spaces to the pastel-hued décor, each and every aspect has been designed with utmost care and attention to detail, to ensure maximum comfort for the patient.


Our comprehensive, state-of-the-art range of medical technology empowers our doctors to diagnose and treat patients with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Vascular Hybrid Cathlab (MCH) | Endoscopy suites with Eluxeo Video (MCH) | Magnatom Aera1.5 Tesla MRI (MOSH, MCH & MSH) | Siemens Acuson Anatares UltraSound (MOSH) | Siemens Yasio Detector X-Ray (MOSH) | Siemens Xiom Aristox VX Plus X-Ray (MOSH) | Siemens Arcadics Orbic 3D X-Ray C- Arm (MOSH) | Siemens Arcadics Varic 2D X-Ray-C-arm (MOSH) | Siemens Poly Mobile Portable X-Ray (MOSH) | Orthoscan X-Ray/ Mini C-arm (MOSH)