Dr. Reem Kafa



Dr. Reem Kafa is a General Practitioner in the Department of General Practice at the JBR and District One branch of Medcare Medical Centre. She completed her MBBS and MD from the Faculty of Medicine, Tishreen University, Ministry of Higher Education, Syria. She holds a Master's Degree in Haematology from Tishreen University, Ministry of Higher Education, Syria and has done USMLE certification Step 1 & 2. Dr. Kafa is a member of the Syrian Medical Association and the Syrian Board of Haematology.

She commenced her career as a General Practitioner with the Departments of Internal Medicine, Emergency and Critical Care at the AlAsad University Hospital in Syria then worked as a USMLE tutor at A-plus private institute in Latakia, Syria helping students prepare for the USMLE examinations. She was a Resident at the Haematology Division- Internal Medicine Department of Tishreen University managing leukemias & lymphomas, autoimmune disorders, bone marrow aspiration & biopsy, intrathecal therapy, anaemia, sickle disease and thalassemia. She worked in Clinical Oncology at the Oncology Centre at Tishreen University Hospital in Syria. Here she handled the outpatient clinic, hospitalization, palliative care, pain management, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and LP and intrathecal therapy.  She spent some time as a Clinical Academic Tutor, training medical students in Internal Medicine. She also served in the ER and the ICU as a GP and then as a clinical Haemotologist in Tishreen University Hospital.

Dr. Kafa’s expertise lies in the diagnosis and management of general health, complaints management of emergency and critical cases, and the diagnosis and treatment of haematologic & solid tumours including haematologic complaints. She has successfully treated acute coronary syndrome, acute respiratory failure during the Covid-19 pandemic, acute & chronic GI complaints, allergic reactions, benign hematologic disorders-hereditary anemias-deficiency anemias, haemolytic anemias,  acute and chronic leukemias, Hodgkin & non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, metabolic and endocrine disorders like diabetes, thyroid disorders, UTIs, URIs,  asthma and COPD, acute and chronic kidney failure, autoimmune diseases-SLE, RA and neurologic disorders like HA, vertigo and CVA.

During her leisure hours, she likes to pursue her hobbies of which photography is her favourite. She speaks Arabic and English fluently.


General Practice
JBR - Medcare Medical Centre
District One – Medcare Medical Centre
Years of Experience
6 years

MBBS & MD from the Faculty of Medicine, Tishreen University, Ministry of Higher Education, Syria

Master's Degree in Hematology, Tishreen University, Ministry of Higher Education, Syria

USMLE certification Step 1 & 2

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