Tarek Feghali
1402Practitioner Speech & Language Therapy
Tarek Feghali
1402Practitioner Speech & Language Therapy


Mr.Tarek Feghali is a Speech Therapist in the Department of Speech and Language Therapy at the Medcare Paediatric Speciality Centre. He holds a bachelor's degree in Speech Language Therapy from the Faculty of Public Health of the Lebanese University. He continues to garner invaluable education in his main areas of intervention which covers a range of communication disorders, developmental language disorders, learning disorders, fluency disorders, aphasia and dysphagia. He is a member and current president of the Lebanese Speech Language Association. 

Mr. Feghali gained extensive clinical experience practicing in various hospitals, institutions including the private sector. He has a particular interest in mental health, and had the chance to develop and implement a community-based rehabilitation program in a multidisciplinary team. The efficiency of the program, monitored and evaluated by external experts, lead to the publishing of a guidelines manual and parents empowerment manual.
He created programmes for training and consultancy for schools and local and international non-governmental organizations in Lebanon, and  in the psychiatry teams of hospitals in Fujairah and Khorfakkan under the Ministry of Health and Prevention UAE. He has presided and participated in many scientific committees of local and international language, voice, and mental health conventions. 

He has successfully treated disorders related to developmental language, speech sound, and fluency including language disorders with biomedical conditions. His speciality is managing children and adolescents with developmental disabilities like learning disorder, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, ADHD, hearing loss, and intellectual disability. 

Mr. Feghali is fluent in English, Arabic and French.

Speech & Language Therapy
Years of Experience
15 Years

Bachelor's degree, Speech Language Therapy, Faculty of Public Health of the Lebanese University

Member & current president of the Lebanese Speech Language Association

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