Thank You for everyone at Medcare for being so caring and compassionate.

- Jana Uchrincova


Our baby was born at 26 weeks & weighed less than 870 grams. As a premature baby, Layla had difficulties & needed extra care. The doctors & nurses at Medcare Hospital Sharjah worked round the clock to make sure they provide continuous expert medical care to our baby, & emotional compassionate support to us as parents to help us get through this difficult time. 

After 54 days of staying in the hospital, our baby Layla was finally discharged in good health. We cannot thank the doctors & nurses enough for the excellent care they have provided our little girl, & we will forever be grateful.

Mother of Baby Layla

Our 6 month journey was never easy, but we were glad that we have chosen Medcare Women & Children Hospital & have been so grateful for how every NICU staff provided their utmost care & compassion to our baby. When we were at our lowest point, we found comfort from all staff in the NICU who supported us so much & let us feel that everything would be alright.  

They reassured us though their sincere assistance that our baby was in good hands. Words will never be enough to convey how thankful we are for the heartfelt & amazing service Medcare Women & Children Hospital had provided us. This hospital will always be remembered as an important part of our baby’s successful journey to recovery.

Mother of Baby Noel

The doctors were doing a lot of tests from the first day I was admitted & were monitoring my symptoms constantly. All the clinical staff were really nice, making sure I had everything I needed & updating me regularly on my results. I felt like I was well looked after, which made my experience a little bit better & easier to cope with. Thank you to everyone at Medcare for being so caring & compassionate.

Jana Uchrincova

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