Our Premium Healthcare Network Across Dubai and Sharjah:

4 Multispeciality Hospitals, 4 Speciality Centres, 9 Medical Centres, 300 Outstanding Doctors
World-class Technology, Unmatched Care

Medcare – Healthcare network operating the best hospitals in Dubai

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Medcare is a premium healthcare network known to operate some of the top Dubai hospitals. The network is a venture initiated by Aster DM Healthcare, a global healthcare group operating 317 medical establishments in 9 countries including India, the GCC and Africa.

Delivering personalized medical care through private hospitals in UAE

Run by thorough professionals, the team at Medcare is dedicated to delivering top quality and personalized medical care to every individual turning to our hospitals in UAE. With further plans of expansion, our premium healthcare network is currently operating 4 multispecialty hospitals, 300 best doctors, 4 specialty centers and 9 medical centers, all of which have gained fame for using world class technology to deliver unparalleled care.

A team dedicated to treating you well

Medcare is proud of its multi-lingual team of doctors, all of whom have received their training from the top medical institutions based in the Middle East, United States, India, United Kingdom, Africa, Greece and Australia. With a strict policy in place, we work with a team dedicated to treating you well by delivering high quality and individualized medical care.

With time, our team has worked hard for the fulfillment of a single mission – to develop a leading healthcare system operating some of the top hospitals in Dubai where the best standards of health care are delivered. Not only are we focused on providing efficient curative, preventive and rehabilitative healthcare on a regional level, we ensure that it is adequately delivered internationally too.

A multidisciplinary approach

The one element that sets Medcare apart is that of our multicultural and multidisciplinary approach in terms of offering optimal treatment to patients. With our passion to serve, we go the extra mile and challenge our skills to make sure that we reach greater heights and achieve more and more success with time so our patients continue to receive topnotch care.