Family Medicine

Family Medicine

Family Medicine Specialty at Medcare Medical Centre is devoted to comprehensive and ongoing health care for the whole family irrespective of age. It manages patients within the context of their family and community and emphasizes on prevention and health promotion.

Our Family Medicine Physicians are trained to diagnose and treat wide range of acute and chronic medical problems in children, women, men and elderly.

 Following are some of the wide range of services available:

* Diabetes Diagnosis, Management and ongoing Monitoring

* High Blood Pressure management

* Infections including Respiratory, ENT, Urinary tract, Gynecological, Gastrointestinal and skin

* Management of Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease

* Management of Chronic Head aches including Migraine

* Diagnosis and Management of Tiredness

* Allergies including food allergies, Asthma, Eczema, Hay fever

* Range of Musculoskeletal problems

* Common Skin and nail problems including mole check ups

* Preventive care, including routine Health checks, Health risk assessment, Immunization, Routine Cervical and Breast screening,

* Screening and Management of Osteoporosis

* Sexually Transmitted Disease Check ups and Management

* Travel advice and vaccination,

* Common Gynecological problems and Contraception advise

* Well Child Check ups

* Well Men Check ups

* Depression counseling and management

* Personalized counseling on maintaining healthy lifestyles.

* Cholesterol/weight management

* Quit Smoking Programme

* Minor surgical procedures, like suturing, punch biopsy, Sabeceous cyst etc.

Our Family Medicine Specialists will also guide the patients through the medical system when they need hospital care and help them select the best subspecialty when need arises.

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