Antenatal Package

The Maternity and Women's Health department, at Medcare Hospital is a centre for excellence with a mission that assures quality care and healthy life to women of all ages. To achieve this mission, we combined the world's leading technology and infrastructure with a handpicked team of qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals from amongst the best in the region. However our modern and effective antenatal-obstetric care is not limited to technology and infrastructure alone.

We believe maternity is a natural and perhaps the most significant stage in the life of women, having social,emotional and psychological dimensions. A favorable pregnancy outcome thus, is the result of your family's support, under our watchful care, where we play host to the mum and baby.

The Antenatal Package provides specialist care for the mother prior to delivery. It includes the following:
Consultations with an obstetrician - 12 visits
Obstetric Ultra Sound Scan - 4 scans
Blood Grouping & Typing - 1 test
Blood Sugar (Fasting) - 1 test
Blood Sugar (PPBS) - 1 test
Urine Complete Analysis - 3 tests
Urine C & S - 1 test
HVS C & S - 1 test
Rubella IGG - 1 test
Double Marker - 1 test
CBC - 3 tets
CTG - 2 tests
VDRL - 1 test
HIV - 1 test
HBSAG - 1 test
HCV - 1 test
TSH - 1 test
GTT - 1 test
Post natal OBS/GYN Consultation - 1 visit
Post natal pap smear - 1 test
Total package amount is payable prior to commencement of the package
Packages once availed cannot be cancelled or refunded.
Unavailed services, if any cannot be considered for any adjustments.
Documents Required:
Marriage Certificate Copy
Copy of passport with valid visa page of the patient and husband
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