Normal Delivery Package

Please select your package depends on your location.



  • Delivery Fees
  • Labour ward care up to 14 hours
  • Hospital stay for a total period of 2 days
  • (including LDR)
  • Obstetrician's professional fee
  • Consumables used during the delivery
  • Pediatrician's consultation
  • Hospital Diet
  • Rounding Fees - Specialist Obstetrician


  • Any Antenatal admissions prior to delivery
  • Lab Investigations
  • Radiology Investigations
  • Blood transfusion
  • Aromatherapy & TENS
  • Medications including Anti D Injection for Mother
  • Any additional stay due to complications
  • Neonatal baby care which includes new born
  • screening and vaccination

If there is a switch from a Normal Delivery to a C-section Delivery, the C-section Delivery Package will be charged
The package doesn't include circumcision for which the hospital fee will be AED 2000/-
If the husband or a relative stays overnight in the patient’s room, there is a charge of AED 100 per day for the stay, and extra charges for any meals ordered
In the unfortunate circumstance where the pediatrician has to perform any resuscitation of the baby at the time of delivery, there will be an extra charge for the same
If the mother is twin bearing, there will be an additional Surgeon charge on the package(Dh2000/- for Normal, Dhs3000/- for C-Section)

Start From AED 12500BOOK
→ Normal Delivery and Labour room charges
→ One day hospital stay in private room from the time of admission
→ Doctors Consultation - Obstetrician and Pediatrician
→ Baby check-up by Pediatrician after birth
→ Nursing care charges & Routine Consumables
→ Patient's diet during the package stay
→ Vaccinations - BCG & Hepatitis B
→ FBC and Glucose Random Test
→ CTG Twice 
→ Medicines for Mother & Baby
→ Anti D injection for mother (If required)
→ Epidural anaesthesia, Blood Transfusion or NICU charges
→ Charges for any medical management for mother or baby due to any complication
→ Instrumental and Twin Delivery
→ New born baby's registration charges and or Circumcision
→ In case of twin delivery, second baby services will be completely chargeable
→ New born hearing test
→ Any additional services are chargeable on actuals
Documents Required:
→ Marriage Certificate Copy
→ Copy of passport with valid visa page of the patient and husband
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