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Family Medicine

With 19 years of experience, Dr. Nibras Aldoori is a Specialist in Family Medicine & Aesthetics at Medcare Medical Centre Town Square & Medcare Al Barsha South. After completing her MBChB from Baghdad, she went on to do her MRCGP in Family Medicine from the Royal College of General Practitioners, London. She has passed the qualification examination for the IMG Doctors General practice license of Medical Council of Canada & has a board degree in Aesthetic Medicine & Injection Technique from the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Aldoori has also completed a bridging program for ITMD Clinical Research & Health Management from Ryerson University.

Dr. Aldoori spent much of her career, practicing in Dubai working in different hospitals & clinics while amplifying her knowledge on clinical-based medicine by attending courses in Ontario, Canada that concentrated on clinical-based medicine & aesthetic medicine. Her passion for learning & hard work has translated into skills that help Dr. Aldoori in successfully managing health promotion, patient care, chronic diseases, and aesthetic procedures. Her impressive credentials include membership of the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, medical licensing of Canada,  the Royal College of General Practitioners – London, the Canadian Red Cross and the Iraqi Association of Medicine.

Dr. Aldoori's repertoire of experience covers all aspects of family medicine including geriatrics, chronic disease management, vaccinations, screening programs, acute case management & paediatrics. She is inclined towards health promotion. Apart from the practical aspect of medicine, Dr. Aldoori is proficient in clinical research skills & data collection, epidemiology & statistical skills, clinical aesthetic medicine & injection skills. She has treated patients with dyslipidaemia, diabetes, thyroid disorders, allergic rhinitis, various sexually transmitted diseases, vaginitis & used pap smear to check for cancerous cells in the cervix.

Her passion for work spills into her leisure time as she is very interested in all aspects of health promotion & the media. She speaks both Arabic & English.

Family Medicine
Family Medicine
Town Square Dubai - Medcare Medical Centre
Al Barsha South - Medcare Medical Centre
Years of Experience



Licensed Doctor from Medical Council of Canada , Ottawa

Degree in Aesthetic Medicine and Injection Technique from the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine

Bridging program for ITMD Clinical Research and Health Management from Ryerson University

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