Dr. Soubhi Ayoub


Internal Medicine

Dr.Soubhi Ayoub is a Specialist in the Department of Internal Medicine at the Sharjah - Medcare Medical Centre. He completed his basic medical education as well as his MD from the well-known Al-Baath University in Syria.  He holds a Master’s degree in Internal Medicine from Damascus University in Syria and a Certificate of Specialization from the Syrian Commission of Medical Specialities, Syria. He is a member of the Medical Association of Syria and the European Society of Intensive Care.

He started working as a Medical House Officer in the Department of Internal Medicine and Intensive Care at a private hospital in Damascus, Syria. He then took up the position of Specialist of Internal Medicine in Italian Hospital in Syria, during which he successfully treated multiple medical conditions in both hospital settings as well as the outpatient department. Subsequently, he moved to the UAE.

Dr. Ayoub’s expertise covers the general management of Internal Medicine conditions such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal diseases,cardiac diseases, chronic illnesses and infectious diseases. He has proficiently managed conditions like ischemic heart disease, urinary tract and respiratory infections, anaemia, gastrointestinal disorders and peptic ulcer disease,  thyroid disorders, asthma and chronic respiratory diseases, heart failure,  cerebral vascular accidents, chemotherapy side effects and complications and pulmonary embolism. He is a skilled doctor who keeps abreast with all guidelines and recommendations from the most trusted European and American medical societies,  in the treatment of chronic diseases

He speaks both Arabic and English.


Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine
Sharjah - Medcare Medical Centre
Years of Experience
5 Years

MBBS and MD from the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Baath University, Syria,

Master's Degree in Internal Medicine, Damascus University, Syria,

Certificate of specialization from the Syrian Commission of Medical Specialities, Syria

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