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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine doctors are professionals who use clinical experience and scientific knowledge to diagnose, treat, and compassionately care for adults with conditions ranging from general health to complex illness.

In addition to being acknowledged as experts in diagnosis, chronic illness treatment, and health promotion and disease prevention, general internists are competent to handle the wide range of conditions that affect adults. They are not constrained to one type of medical condition or organ system. Regardless of how common or uncommon, straightforward or difficult, a patient's situation may be, general internists are prepared to handle it. They can deal with severe chronic illnesses, situations in which multiple illnesses may manifest simultaneously, and complex diagnostic challenges because they have received specialized training in these areas.

Our Internal Medicine Department

Our Internal Medicine Department at Medcare’s hospitals in Dubai and Sharjah incorporates a well-established group of knowledgeable medical professionals from diverse specialties who work in synch to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible. Our Internal Medicine Physicians are internationally certified, are researchers in their field, and are committed to provided quality care.

When should you consult with an Internal Medicine Specialist?

Patients with illnesses, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and chronic lung disease frequently visit internists. An internist might consult with medical professionals from other specialties or be asked by another physician to consult on a patient.

We encourage you to maintain a schedule of regular check-ups with your internist at Medcare’s hospital in Dubai and Sharjah!

Specialized services offered by our Internal Medicine Department

Depending on why you visit an internist, different services are offered. Nevertheless, you can definitely anticipate the following:

  • Your vital signs will be checked.
  • You will discuss your medical background and drug regimen.
  • Your internist will enquire about your signs and symptoms as well as your general health.

During your physical examination, your internist will typically:

  • Examine your overall appearance, as well as your posture and movement
  • Check for a cardiac murmur, an irregular heartbeat, or any other strange noises, listen to your heart
  • Check for crackles, wheezing, or shortness of breath while you listen to your breathing
  • Examine your mouth, throat, nose, ears, and eyes
  • Examine your nails and skin

The doctor may request screening tests for wellness examinations, such as a lipid panel or a bone density test. The doctor will request the proper test, whether it be a straightforward urinalysis or something more specific, such an imaging test. Your internal medicine doctor might tell you to see a different expert or urge you to return for a follow-up appointment.

Our Internal Medicine Specialists in Dubai and Sharjah

Our Internal Medicine Specialists in Dubai and Sharjah consider your care as their top priority. Driven with this conviction, our specialists are comprehensively trained, are experienced in the field, and have been practicing on an international scale. Understanding your every need, our Medcare specialists are here to serve you and your loved ones!

Procedures and Treatments under Internal Medicine Care

Our Internal Medicine Specialists are equipped to treat all medical conditions, from the simplest to the most complex. With an impeccable track record, our Medcare specialists are specialized in the following areas:

Among many others!

Why Choose Internal Medicine Care at Medcare?

With state-of-the-art medical technology, superior patient care, and genuine values, Medcare offers the best care.

Medcare Dubai and Sharjah is extremely careful while selecting its medical equipment to ensure that it provides top-notch, high-quality services with cutting-edge technical breakthroughs.

Medcare’s medical experts have a demonstrated agility in tailoring treatments with perfect success rates. The medical team at Medcare is composed of skilled nurses and doctors who will take care of your general health both during and after your stay.

Patients are the cornerstone of Medcare!

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Last update date: 21-03-2023

Dr. Dana Ahmad Al-Jada holds an MBBS from the University of Jordan. She is a specialist in Internal Medicine with the Dubai Health Authority.

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