Medcare's Chronic Care Management Programme

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Medcare’s Chronic Care Management Programme is designed to help our patients live healthier with their chronic condition. With the support of a case manager & treating physician, patients are guided to healthier habits while slowing down the progression of their condition. With compassion at the heart of everything we do, Medcare’s experts are with you every step of the way towards a healthier & happier life. 

Why is chronic disease management important?

Managing a chronic disease can be empowering. Understanding your condition & making allowances for it in your life, can prevent medical complications while helping you reclaim a sense of control. Also, chronic care programmes are proven to help chronic conditions, slow down the progression of these conditions & prevent long-term medical conditions.

How does a structured Chronic Care Programme work?

Medcare’s Chronic Care Management Programme is complimentary to our patients. It comprises of a series of 11 sessions over the course of a year. You will be appointed a dedicated case manager who will be your primary point of contact. 

Following an initial session & a plan from your case manager who will offer lifestyle coaching while setting achievable wellness targets, you will receive monthly calls from your case manager. These structured calls can last between five to 20 minutes & will offer lifestyle coaching while setting mini wellness targets. They are also educational & a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Please scan the QR code to download the teleMEDCARE app (iOS and Android users).

Our Chronic Care Programme comprises of:

Medical management: This includes consultations with your treating physician & referrals to other specialists if required. Your case manager will keep track of your appointments, schedule them for you & send you reminders. You also receive a 30% discount on our Homecare Services for lab, nurses, physiotherapy & doctor visits.

Tools: You will receive an easy-to-use app.

Education & Support: With the guidance of a dedicated case manager, you will receive monthly coaching calls, education, target setting, & educational material that will give you a deeper insight into your condition.

Wellbeing Management: Lifestyle changes are an important first step on your journey to wellness. You will be entitled to an optional discounted subscription to a healthy meal plan, personal trainer, gyms, & yoga sessions, & a complimentary session with a psychologist & a nutritionist.

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  • Is the health coaching app free?

    A: Yes, it is.

  • What are the complimentary services & discount vouchers included in the Chronic Care Programme?

    A: The services included are stated below:

    • Complimentary: Patients enrolled with this programme receive free access to a session with a psychologist & a Homecare Service.
    • Discounted: Patients enrolled with this programme have access to discounts on a healthy meal plan subscription, healthy cooking classes, gym membership, a personal trainer, & Homecare Services (30%).
  • Who is case manager? What is their role?

    A: A case manager is your primary point of contact. They will work closely with you to manage your condition. Your case manager will call you every month, assist with booking your appointments, send you reminders close to your next appointment, coordinate with your treating physician, & offer educated support & guidance.

  • Is Medcare’s Chronic Care Management Programme covered under insurance?

    A: Our Chronic Care Programme is complimentary to chronic disease patients registered with Medcare.

  • What is the goal of Chronic Care Programme?

    A: Our Disease Management Programme shares its goal with Medcare - to treat patients well. This programme empowers you & boosts your quality of life by guiding you guiding you through a course of lifestyle changes & medical management.

  • How can I sign-up to Medcare’s Chronic Care Management Programme?

    A: All a patient needs to do is fill out the e-form. Our chronic care team will then get in touch with you for the next steps.

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