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Colorectal Surgery

Colorectal surgery is conducted on patients with disorders in the rectum, anus, and/or colon. In other words, colorectal surgery mainly treats the entire gamut of diseases that impact the lower digestive tract. The lower digestive tract includes the colon, which is a hollow tube that runs from the small intestine to the anus. A colon's function is to absorb the water and store the waste products of digestion before they are emptied out. The end part of the colon is the rectum, which includes sphincter muscles to prevent accidental waste release through the anus.

Our Colorectal Surgery Department

Our Colorectal Surgery Department is a well-established facility with a profound consideration to the well-being of its patient and medical staff. The Department houses renowned colorectal surgeons, equipment that adheres to international standards, and a patient experience like no other!

When should you consult with a Colorectal Surgeon

Regularly seeing a colorectal surgeon puts you at an advantage. While your colorectal surgeon is able to treat a disturbance or an irregularity in the colon, rectum, or anus, the surgeon can also provide you with preventative measures against certain disorders. And just as it would be with other disorders, early detection of any conditions, related to the lower-digestive tract, at an early stage allows for a faster recovery.

Specialized services offered by our Colorectal Surgeons

The best colorectal surgeons are able to diagnose and treat:

  • Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
  • Colon and rectal cancers
  • Diverticulitis
  • Familial Polyposis
  • Bowel Incontinence
  • Rectal Prolapse
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Anal fissure
  • Anal Fistula and Anal Abscess

Our Colorectal Surgeons in Dubai and Sharjah

The best colorectal surgeons at Medcare in Dubai & Sharjah provide you with an overview of each surgical procedure along with a detailed explanation to provide you with clarity and peace of mind. They will advise you on which operative procedure best suits your case and will provide you with the postoperative care you need.

We encourage you to book an appointment with one of our best colorectal surgeons in Dubai and Sharjah, now!

Procedures and Treatments under Colorectal Care

Colorectal surgery follows different procedures depending on the type of condition.

Mostly, colorectal surgery includes the following procedures:

  1. Resection, which requires ‘cutting out’ the damaged portion of the lower digestive tract
  2. Anastomosis, which requires connecting the cut out ends of the intestine

In some cases, the colorectal surgeon may need to conduct a strictureplasty, which widens the intestine as opposed to ‘cutting’ a certain portion.

One common procedure is a colostomy. A colostomy requires removing a portion of the colon or rectum with the lymph nodes and then creating an opening in the abdominal wall for the removal of waste. Depending on the condition of the patient and the reason for diverting stool, colostomies may be temporary or permanent.

Laparoscopic surgeries, under the colorectal surgery umbrella, are ideal for some patients, due to their quick recovery time, less postoperative pain, and minimum scarring.

Our treatments at Medcare also include proctology, pelvic floor diseases, and robotic and laparoscopic colorectal surgery for colorectal cancer.

Why Choose Medcare for Colorectal Surgery?

Medcare’s colorectal surgeons in Dubai & Sharjah orchestrate their surgeries with other professionals, especially gastroenterologists, to provide you with a holistic treatment plan. The colorectal surgeons are adamant on offering you the care and comfort you need before embarking on any surgical procedure. They do so through listening to your concerns, explaining the procedures, and providing you with aftercare like no other! All our surgeons are board-certified, and their practices are deeply rooted in the vast colorectal surgery research methods.

Medcare’s equipments are avant-garde, to say the least! Medcare in Dubai and Sharjah devotes time and careful consideration into choosing top-tier medical equipment and supplies that adhere to international standards and the most advanced technologies. Some of our equipment allows for minimal invasive treatments for certain conditions, ridding you of the surgery hassle.

Care is not only part of Medcare’s but also lies at the core of each of its daily operations. Our staff members, including our nurses and surgeons, approach each patient with utmost care and support, providing you with a rewarding experience on different levels. Attending to your care is our top priority at Medcare Dubai and Sharjah!

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Last update date: 21-03-2023

Dr. Khaldoun Ghareb is a colorectal and proctology specialist in the General Surgery Department of Medcare. He qualified with an MD degree from Aleppo University, Syria and a PhD from the University of Madrid, Spain.

Dr. Hussam Mohamad Al Trabulsi is a surgeon who specialises in bariatric surgery and laparoscopic surgery, with a degree from Syria, and certifications from the UK and EU. He holds a Certificate of General Surgery Specialty from the Syrian Ministry of Health.

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