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Ophthalmology is a medical specialty, which focuses on diagnosing and treating eye-related conditions.

An ophthalmologist, otherwise known as an eye doctor, specializes in eye treatment. Ophthalmologists are licensed to practice medicine and surgery after about completing 12  years of education and training. To rectify visual difficulties, these eye specialists diagnose and treat all eye disorders, conduct eye surgery,prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses. Many ophthalmologists participate in scientific research to investigate the causes and treatments of eye illnesses and vision disorders.

At Medcare Dubai & Sharjah, our ophthalmologists are conveniently accessible to offer patients with the care they require and deserve. Medcare ophthalmologists are leading experts with extensive experience, providing unmatched services while utilizing top-tier facilities.

Our Ophthalmology Clinics

With the competence of its medical team, Medcare’s Ophthalmology clinics provide comprehensive eye treatment for patients. Through precise diagnosis and follow-up, to treat diverse eye diseases according to patients needs and clinical protocols.

Ophthalmologists and optometrists at Medcare Eye Centre Dubai are trained professionals to provide best eye care. 

When should you consult with an Ophthalmologist?

  • Sudden, severe eye pain
  • Recurrent discomfort around or in the eyes
  • Double vision, hazy eyesight, or blurry  vision
  • Floaters or flashes of light
  • Rainbows or halos appearing around lights
  • Observing “spider webs” in the air
  • Seeing a “curtain falling” across one eye
  • One eye feels like it's “filling up with ink”
  • Sensitivity to light or glare that is unusual, or painful
  • Red eyes or  swollen eyes lids
  • Itching, burning, or discharge from the eyes
  • Any changes shift in your vision

For general check-ups, we encourage you to consult our eye specialists in Dubai. Our state-of-the-art facilities and eye clinics, together with the professionalism of our staff to ensure that you are completely comfortable while we attend to your needs. Our certified ophthalmologists provide precise diagnoses and treatment recommendations for a variety of eye care.

Our Ophthalmologists in Dubai & Sharjah

In Dubai, Medcare has experienced ophthalmologists, who possess a track record of effectively identifying and treating eye-related conditions. Our professionals are dedicated to the patient's overall well-being and give extensive support, meticulous guidance, and ongoing follow-up. Medcare ophthalmologists, are the best eye specialists in Dubai, use the most up-to-date research and evidence-based procedures to deliver the necessary vision care.

Procedures and Treatments under Ophthalmology Care 

The Ophthalmology clinic of Medcare is committed to providing its patients with appropriate procedures and treatments in order to give our patients the best possible care and support. The following is an illustrative list of what we do at Medcare Eye Centre in Dubai:

  • eye disease diagnosis and monitoring
  • Different types of LASIK surgery
  • Cataract surgery
  • glaucoma treatment
  • Persistent or severe tear duct lacrimal  infections or obstructions (tumor, cyst, or foreign object)
  • Monitoring or consulting on cases including various illnesses, such as diabetic retinopathy or immunological disorders
  • Corneal transplants
  • Retinal surgeries

Why Choose Medcare Eye Clinic & Ophthalmologists?

Experienced Ophthalmologist: Our ophthalmologists are among the best in Dubai & Sharjah. They are recognized experts with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in eye care. Our ophthalmologists are active in academia and are committed to providing optimal practices based on scientific evidence. Medcare ophthalmologists have a stellar track record of successfully treating eye diseases.

Medical Equipment of the Highest Quality: Medcare uses cutting-edge medical equipment. In order to provide the greatest ophthalmology-related treatment for our patients, our equipment is regularly maintained and/or updated with new technical breakthroughs so are our eye clinics!

Great Service: As one of the leading ophthalmology departments in Dubai & Sharjah, Medcare's ophthalmologists and support staff prioritize the requirements of their patients. Our team of professionals ensures that our medical expertise meets and exceeds your expectations. 

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Last update date: 21-03-2023

Dr. Emad Mahmoud Badawy is a Specialist in the Department of Ophthalmology at Medcare Eye Centre – Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery and Master’s degree in Ophthalmology from the oldest and most renowned Kasr Al Ainy School of Medicine at Cairo University, Egypt.

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