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Covid-19 Saliva Test in Dubai

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We’re all familiar with the uncomfortable poking and prodding that comes with taking a covid-19 PCR test. Parents, in particular, know what a challenge it can be to put their children through this. Depending on how young your child is, it can be nearly impossible to get them to sit still for long enough to collect an accurate sample.

But getting tested & staying protected remain the right thing to do. So Medcare has launched a covid-19 Saliva Test service for children aged between 3-16 years. This way, your child can get tested comfortably while keeping everyone safe.

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  • Is the covid-19 PCR Saliva Test approved in Dubai?

    A: Yes, the covid-19 PCR Saliva Test is approved for children aged between 3-16 years in Dubai, according to an announcement from the Department Of Health

  • Who is eligible for the covid-19 PCR Saliva Test?

    A: For now, the test is only applicable to people aged between 3-16 years in the UAE. This test has been researched and approved to help children get tested & stay safe by introducing a more comfortable way to get tested. Adults are urged to stay responsible and take a traditional PCR test if they experience covid-19 symptoms. Covid-19 PCR Saliva Test is valid for travel.

  • How long do the results of a covid-19 PCR Saliva Test take?

    A: You will receive your child’s results within 12 to 24 hours of the test

  • How do I prepare my child for a covid-19 PCR Saliva Test?

    A: As with all medical saliva tests, your child is requested to avoid consuming any food or water for 30 minutes to an hour before their covid-19 PCR Saliva Test.Saliva must be pooled in mouth for 1-2 minutes prior to collection, and then gently spit 1-2 ml into the sterile screw-cap collection cup.

  • How much does a covid-19 PCR Saliva Test at Medcare cost?

    A: Covid-19 PCR Saliva Test cost 150 AED at Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres. Click here to book. Saliva PCR Test cost AED 250 at the comfort of your home in Dubai. Click here to book.

  • Can my child’s covid-19 PCR Saliva Test be done at home?

    A: Yes. You can now book covid-19 PCR Saliva Test at the safety & comfort of your home in Dubai. The cost of Saliva PCR Test at home is AED 250.

  • What does it mean if my child receives a false positive covid-19 Saliva Test?

    A: False positive covid-19 Saliva Tests are uncommon, but they can still happen. In the case of a false positive Saliva Test, your child does not have covid-19. If your child receives a false negative Saliva Test result, it means that the test has identified the presence of a contagious virus, but it’s not sure what the virus is.

  • Is the “saliva test” a PCR test?

    A: Saliva tests & PCR tests are both accurate ways to check for traces of covid-19. The way to tell them apart is by looking at how the tests are conducted. With saliva covid-19 tests, you’re asked to share a sample of your saliva. This is then sent off to a lab, where the saliva sample is tested for covid-19. As for PCR tests, a swab is used to collect a sample from your nose & throat. This is then tested in a lab for traces of covid-19.

  • Is the covid-19 PCR Saliva Test safe?

    A: Yes, this test is both safe & comfortable. The test is conducted by highly trained & qualified medical professionals who follow all the required safety measures.

  • Has any research been done to check for the covid-19 Saliva Test’s accuracy?

    A: The covid-19 PCR Saliva Test is an accurate way to test for covid-19 in children aged between 3-16 years. Following collaborative research between MBRU and DHA, the research team found that this test has a 98.5% specificity among those tested.

  • Is the covid-19 PCR Saliva Test valid for travel?

    A: As the test has been approved by the Department of Health (DHA), your child’s covid-19 Saliva PCR Test results can be presented for official purposes in the UAE. However, testing regulations vary from one country to the next. It’s best to do your research and consult your airline to avoid a last-minute change to your travel plans.

  • How can I book a covid-19 PCR Saliva Test in Dubai ?

    A: Please click here to book your appointment covid-19 PCR Saliva Test or visit your nearest Medcare hospital or clinic in Dubai. You can also book covid-19 PCR Saliva Test at the comfort of your home/hotel in Dubai.

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