Thank You for everyone at Medcare for being so caring and compassionate.

- Jana Uchrincova


Undergoing physiotherapy in Medcare Physio & Rehab Centre with Ms. Bibi Asma Khan was a great experience. The idea of being a patient, suffering from pain and having to go through multiple sessions is never easy. However, Ms. Asma managed to make it stress-free and actually enjoyable. Her professional behavior, candid personality and medical expertise made coming to physio sessions such a pleasure. She addressed my worries about the injury and made healing a gradual stress-free process and always with a beautiful smile on her face. While one hopes never to get injured and having to go through physiotherapy, but if you do, 

I would always highly recommend Ms. Asma at Medcare Physio & Rehab Centre. A huge thank you to Ms. Asma for helping me with my recovery.

Noha Atef

I was in pain for 4 years and had seen several doctors and physiotherapists, but none of them was able to help subdue my pain.

I went to Dr. Paul Macnamara at Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital for a second opinion and he was very knowledgeable, reassuring and caring from the onset. Before even considering surgery, Dr. Paul offered me physiotherapy with Deepak Mullasery at Medcare Physio & Rehab Centre, who is the best physiotherapist I have worked with. I really appreciated this approach rather than feeling that surgery was my only option.

Unfortunately, my condition worsened, and my only option was surgery in the end. Dr Macnamara was an incredible support, I trusted him completely, and the advice and care both before and after the surgery were amazing.

Six months later, I'm very pleased with the results. It was the best decision I could have made. Dr. Paul helped me to make an informed choice of how I wanted to proceed. The hospital facilities were excellent, and I was cared for very well during and after my surgery by all the staff at Medcare.

Thank you, Dr. Paul Macnamara and the Medcare Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital team.

Louise Robinson

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