Motherhood. All love begins and ends there. - Robert Browning

Blossom Maternity/Pregnancy Programme

You’re in safe hands

Take your first steps in the magical journey to motherhood. Medcare Blossom brings you a range of thoughtfully and carefully designed services that will put your mind at rest – we put our best professionals on the task and monitor your health as well as your baby’s progress throughout your beautiful pregnancy journey.

There is so much that goes through your mind when you start this journey! Rest assured - we’re with you every step of the way – whether it is providing medical counselling to take care of you and your baby, answering your queries about insurance and maternity benefits, to even giving you a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities at Medcare Women & Children Hospital or Medcare Hospital Sharjah. That’s important too - after all, this will be your baby’s first home!

From your first scan to bringing your baby into the world, we promise to make every step smooth, comfortable, and memorable. A team of qualified experts from a spectrum of medical specialities – right from nutrition and gynaecology, to dermatology, dental, lactation, will be available to guide, comfort and care for you and your baby.

What Blossom Maternity/Pregnancy Programme offers you? 

Medical Counseling - Get expert guidance from our gynaecologists throughout your pregnancy. Our doctors will take care of every single medical detail so that you’re prepared to greet your baby without any hassles.

Educational Material - Our Educational emailers and videos help expecting and new parents understand what they can do to stay healthy and reduce the risk of complications throughout the pregnancy, delivery, and taking baby home.

Antenatal Classes - As you may need some support preparing for D-Day, our antenatal classes will guide you through the physical and emotional transformation expectant mother’s experience.

So, whether it’s through medical consultations, educational material or hands on training we’ll support you through this special journey and on to that unforgettable day when you’ll hold your baby for the very first time!

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