Motherhood. All love begins and ends there. - Robert Browning


Congratulations on your pregnancy & Welcome to the Blossom Maternity Programme!

From your first scan to bringing your baby into the world, we promise to make every step comfortable and memorable.

We invite you to be part of Blossom by Medcare, a maternity programme which has been carefully designed to bring you a wide range of services that will put your mind at rest during your pregnancy journey and beyond. You will get access to the best medical and wellness care, in addition to advisory services that will help you make informed choices and take better care of yourself during this time. That’s why, we are the best medical experts on the task to monitor your health as well as your baby’s progress throughout your pregnancy.

Blossom “Essentials”

The moment you decide to deliver at Medcare Women & Children Hospital, you will be immediately enrolled in the complimentary Blossom “Essentials”. This includes educational sessions on pregnancy and baby care, expert consultations and exclusive discounted offers for gym memberships and meal plans.

Blossom “Ultimate Guide”

In addition to the Blossom “Essentials” complimentary services, you can enroll in Blossom “Ultimate Guide” to get additional medical consultations and follow-ups with homecare services.

Blossom “On Demand”

You can get the complimentary services that are already available in Blossom “Essentials “, & you can add any extra services.

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