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When someone is enduring an injury, an illness, or a disability, physiotherapy intervenes to aid in regaining movement and function of the body. It also reduces future risk of disease or damage. Physiotherapy adopts a holistic strategy and actively incorporates the patient in their own care.

Physiotherapists are professionals who have undergone specialized training and are subject to licensing requirements. Instead than only concentrating on the individual components of an injury or sickness, physiotherapists take the body as a whole into account.

Our Physiotherapy Department

Our Medcare Physio & Rehab Unit in Dubai and Sharjah is unparalleled and a pioneer in the field. Two of our machines, the anti-gravity treadmill and the Mechanical Neck Traction, are the first and only in the Middle East.

Moreover, our gait laboratory and physiotherapy facilities both feature specialized equipment. We encourage you to visit the Medcare Physiotherapy Department in Dubai & Sharjah for the best physiotherapy guidance and resources alongside an amazingly trained and knowledgeable team of physiotherapists.

When should you consult with a Physiotherapist?

People of various ages with a variety of health conditions can benefit from physical therapy. It would be best to consult a physiotherapist in the following cases:

Specialized services offered by our Physiotherapy Department

Our multidisciplinary approach at Medcare’s hospitals in Dubai and Sharjah has a track-record in yielding positive results. Our expert physiotherapists collaborate with other departmental specialists in order to ensure that your treatment is as holistic and as targeted as can be.

Our physiotherapists in Dubai and Sharjah have a great eye for detail; they will start by examining your posture, ask you questions about your lifestyle and job requirements, and call for further consultations if need be. Then, they will develop a personalized treatment plan. Some of the approaches that your physiotherapist may request include

  • Mobilization,
  • kinesiotherapy,
  • manual release,
  • myofascial release,
  • trigger point release with dry needling,
  • and electro analgesic treatment.
  • Rehabilitation programme

If need be, they will also provide you with some movements and stretching exercises that you can do on your own.

Our Physiotherapists in Dubai and Sharjah

Our stellar team of physiotherapists in Dubai and Sharjah are very much invested in improving your daily life. They are extensively trained in the field of physiotherapy and have attained internationally renowned academic credentials.

Our physiotherapists are ready to respond to your body’s needs and to personalize treatment plans that suit your lifestyle. You can always count on their caring and compassionate approach in delivering the absolute best physiotherapy care.

Procedures and Treatments under Physiotherapy Care 

The following are some of the key procedures and treatments physiotherapists employ:

  • Physiotherapists can provide basic advice about certain practices that may have an impact on your daily lives, such as posture and proper lifting or carrying techniques to assist prevent injuries.
  • Movement, specialized exercise, and physical activity may be suggested to enhance your general health and mobility and to strengthen certain portions of your body.
  • Manual therapy, in which the physiotherapist uses their hands to help reduce pain and stiffness and to stimulate better movement of the body, is also one approach that your physiotherapist might use.
  • Other methods that physiotherapists may employ to lessen discomfort and improve recovery include:
  • Acupuncture: a medical procedure in which tiny needles are placed into particular body locations with the intention of easing discomfort and accelerating healing
  • A small, battery-operated device called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is used to administer an electric current to the painful location.
  • Using high-frequency sound waves called ultrasound, deep tissue injuries are treated in order to expedite healing and reduce pain and spasms by promoting blood flow and cell activity.

Why Choose Physiotherapy Care at Medcare?

Our team at Medcare’s hospitals in Dubai and Sharjah is prepared to give you the guidance and care you require the moment you walk through our doors. Our medical professionals are the best and are attentive to your needs and the needs of your body.

Our services are extensive to address a range of physio-related concerns due to our versatility in the medical field. Along with the first-rate patient care you'll enjoy at Medcare Dubai and Sharjah, our technologically cutting-edge medical equipment puts us in the front in the field of physiotherapy as we house one-of-a-kind medical machinery in the region!

Your health and care are our top priorities at Medcare; we commit to keeping them that way as we make new, research-based medical advancements and invest in the best physiotherapists.

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Last update date: 21-03-2023

Mr. Abanoub Esknader is a physiotherapy specialist qualified with a BPT and a Diploma from the Federation Internationale De Football Association in Sports Injury. He has been associated with the Al Wasl Sports Club in Dubai and Sahaty Medical Centre in Egypt.

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Ms. Abroo K Malik

Ms. Abroo K Malik has a special interest in physiotherapy for orthopaedic and neurology cases. Her area of expertise covers physical therapy services, therapeutic exercises and post- operative rehabilitation with particular focus on women’s health and sports injures.

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