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Family Medicine

Family Medicine is one of the most important branches of medicine as its comprehensive approach allows for the entire family to seek physical, psychological, and wellness support. Family medicine doctors are primary care medical professionals who coordinate all facets of your care, treat a wide range of conditions, and refer you to the appropriate expert when necessary. Additionally, they offer preventative care by offering vaccinations, screening for chronic illnesses, and giving you dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Our Family Medicine Department

For every stage of life, Our Family Medicine Department at Medcare in Dubai and Sharjah, provides patient-centered healthcare. No matter your age from day 1 till 100—we will provide you a medical home where you feel welcome, heard, and understood. When something happens, we are completely there for you, whether that means taking care of you internally or assisting in the coordination of the care you require with specialists.

At Medcare, we use a comprehensive approach with a focus on prevention and remaining well. We also recognize that our patients lead busy lives at home and at work, and we strive to treat them with compassion and respect while also providing them with conveniences, such flexible appointment hours, simple scheduling, and safe access to information.

When should you consult with a Family Medicine Physician?

Who is your first point of contact if you want medical attention due to acute flu symptoms, persistent back pain, an unanticipated rash, or even if you believe you may be ill or just need a checkup? In the majority of medical circumstances, a family doctor can provide the best treatment.

We encourage you to always reach out to one of our Family Medicine Physicians at Medcare Dubai and Sharjah.

Specialized services offered by our Family Medicine Department

Many common conditions are treated at the Family Medicine Department, and a variety of diagnostic and surgical procedures are performed at Medcare Dubai and Sharjah. These include

  • giving injections, routine vaccination
  • performing biopsies and excision of skin lesions,
  • administering immunizations,
  • incision or drainage of abscesses,
  • and various kinds of palliative care.

Minor surgeries, such as vasectomy or circumcision can be performed, as well. Family physicians at Medcare Dubai and Sharjah also help in managing chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension, among others.

Our Family Medicine Doctors in Dubai and Sharjah

Every patient should have a primary care provider they can turn to for all of their medical needs. Our primary care team serves a crucial role as the first point of contact in your wellness journey by working to get to know you, your medical history, and your medical needs.

Procedures and Treatments under Family Medicine Care

A competent primary care physician places a lot of emphasis on preventive care. Our primary care physicians want to keep you healthy by recommending routine checks and vaccinations. But we’re also here for you if you get sick, whether it’s a brief acute illness every now and then or assistance and advice for dealing with a long-term illness.

Family medicine doctors offer a variety of medical treatments. They provide, among other things:

  • routine examinations, such as well-baby and well-child visits
  • health risk evaluations
  • immunizations
  • testing procedures
  • advice on leading a healthy lifestyle
  • the management of prevalent chronic diseases

Family medicine also specializes in fields that include public health, emergency and urgent care, and sports medicine.

Why Choose Medcare as Your Family Doctor?

Medcare’s hospitals in Dubai and Sharjah provide top-tier services with the patients at the center of each practice. It is of great importance for us that your care and wellbeing and that of your family come first. Our team of experts are ready to ensure that your journey at Medcare is as seamless as can be. Your family is ours at Medcare Dubai and Sharjah!

At Medcare’s hospitals in Dubai and Sharjah, we operate using a progressive approach to medicine. All our practices are evidence-based and draw on the vast body of recent research in the field of medicine. Our equipment adheres to internationally renowned standards and follows the latest technological advances.

Place your trust in Medcare Dubai and Sharjah. We are to take care of you and your family!

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Last update date: 21-03-2023

With 19 years of experience, Dr. Nibras Aldoori is a Specialist in Family Medicine & Aesthetics at Medcare Medical Centre Town Square & Medcare Al Barsha South.

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