Thank You for everyone at Medcare for being so caring and compassionate.

- Jana Uchrincova


Anas was suffering from haemorrhoids. Watch this video to learn how Dr. Khaldoun Ghareb helped the patient get back to everyday life without traditional surgery.


I did an arthroscopic surgery on my knee with Dr. Ali Bajwa, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital. Dr. Bajwa is such a fantastic surgeon, highly experienced especially for sports-related surgery & so very understanding & clear on the procedure, expectations, etc.

The Medcare staff looked after me from start to finish, showing every attention to detail to help make the experience comfortable for me as this was my first surgery ever.

I feel so fortunate to be able to get this high level of care & experience without having to leave Dubai. I am now working on rehab & recovery, & I feel that I am in the best hands possible.

Thank you Dr Ali.

Maria Conceicao

I had just arrived back to Dubai in early March 2020, after a trip to Europe. Upon my return, I wanted to do a COVID-19 test, so I started searching for medical centres around my area, & I found Medcare Medical Centre, Discovery Garden. When I visited the clinic, I met Dr. Safdar Zabeth, General Practitioner, who greeted me with great warmth & helped me get my COVID-19 test done. His friendly & approachable personality makes him an easy-going & dedicated professional. I have been visiting him ever since, for regular checkups, & he goes out of his way to help me with my concerns & continuously follows up regarding my health & treatment if any. I highly recommend Dr. Safdar to anyone looking for a good family doctor.

Deepa Narayanswami

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