Dr. Emilie Montet



Dr. Emilie Montet is a General Dentist in the Department of Dentistry at the Town Square Dubai - Medcare Medical Centre. After her graduation, she obtained her Doctorate’s degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Odontology of Lyon in France. She went on to enhance her knowledge through further studies like a Diploma in Bone Surgery Advanced from the Lyon College of Oral Implantology, a Diploma in Oral Implantology from the International Academy of Oral Implantology in Paris, a Diploma in Radioprotection from the X-Ray Dental Formation, a training organization located in Lyon, & a Diploma in Inhalation Sedation from SYFAC International Symposium on Growth Factors situated in Nice.

Dr. Montet is a member of ITI (International Team of Implantology), the French Union of Oral Health (UFSBD), & the French Board of Dental Surgery. She believes in comprehensive dental care & holistic dentistry which is marked by quality & efficiency in patient management. She has specialised in implantology & dental makeover & has extensive teaching experience including the supervision of dental students at Lyon University. Her expertise lies in the area of cosmetic dentistry, paediatric dentistry, frenectomy, prosthetic rehabilitation, using an intraoral 3D scanner, restorative procedures, DSD (Dental Smile Design), periodontal surgery & non-surgical conservative periodontal treatment. She has successfully managed dental implants, grafts & sinus lifts, ceramic veneers, crowns & bridges, tooth extractions, teeth whitening, scaling & polishing, fillings, smile makeover, gum disease, root canal treatment, tooth extraction, & prevention of dental problems.

Dr. Montet is a strong supporter of fitness activities & loves scuba diving in her spare time. She speaks both English & French.

Town Square Dubai - Medcare Medical Centre
Years of Experience
13 Years

Doctor Of Dental Surgery, University of Odontology of Lyon, France

Diploma in Bone Surgery Advanced, Lyon College Of Oral Implantology

Diploma in Oral Implantology, International Academy Of Oral Implantology, Paris,

Diploma in Radioprotection from X-Ray Dental Formation, Lyon

Diploma in Inhalation Sedation, SYFAC International Symposium On Growth Factors, Nice

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