Ithar Alkheder
1476Specialist Ophthalmology
Ithar Alkheder
1476Specialist Ophthalmology


Dr. Ithar Alkheder is a Specialist in the Department of Ophthalmology at the Mirdif and the City Centre Mirdif branches of Medcare Medical Centre. He is a medical graduate of Aleppo University in Syria. He has also completed his MD with a specialization in Ophthalmology from Aleppo University. Among his other qualifications is a Diploma in Paediatric Ophthalmology, and a Diploma in Ocular Optometry, both from Spain, and a Medical Retina training certificate from the Aleppo Eye Surgery Hospital in Syria.

Dr. Alkheder is a member of the European Society of Retina (Euretina) and the Syrian Ophthalmology Society.He has spent many years practising as a Specialist Ophthalmologist in Syria and the UAE with a special interest in medical retina disorders. He uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to diagnose and treat disorders of the eyes related to the anterior segment (lids, conjunctiva), the cornea, the lacrimal passage (punctum plugs, probing, intubation), lens (cataract), uvea, and the retina (intravitreal injections, laser photocoagulation). He has proficiently managed paediatric disorders like strabismus, amblyopia, and orbit disorders.

Dr. Alkheder is extremely capable and his expertise reflects in the success of surgeries performed by him, which include cataract surgeries (PHACO, ECCE, SICC), pterygium surgeries with graft, strabismus surgeries (squint), eyelid lesions surgeries, and chalazion excisions. The long list of eye conditions treated by him encompasses refractive corrections (Lasik), emergency cornea and scleral injuries and wounds, ocular surface disorders (dry eye), and glaucoma.

When he finds the time to relax in his busy schedule, he likes to read and play sports. He has an avid interest in decoration. He speaks Arabic and English

Mirdif - Medcare Medical Centre
City Center Mirdif - Medcare Medical Centre
Years of Experience

MBBS (Syrian board cerificate), Aleppo University, Syria

MD (Opthalmology), Aleppo University, Syria

Diploma Paediatric Ophthalmology, Spain

Diploma in Ocular Optometry, Spain

Medical Retina Training Certificate, Aleppo Eye Surgery Hospital, Syria

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