Dr. Abdel Rahman Labban


Haematology & Medical Oncology

Dr. Abdel Rahman Labban is a specialist at the Department of Haematology & Medical Oncology at the Medcare Hospital in Sharjah. After completion of MBBCh & MD, he obtained his Medical Doctor Diploma from Beirut Arab University, a speciality Diploma in Internal Medicine & a speciality Diploma in Haematology & Medical Oncology, both from the Rafic Hariri University Hospital in Beirut. He further obtained a senior fellowship in Medical Oncology from the Clinique Universitaire Saint Luc, Institut Roi Alber-II in Belgium.

Dr. Labban commenced his career as a speciality resident in Internal Medicine & then as a speciality resident fellow in Haematology & Medical Oncology both in Beirut at the Rafic Hariri University Hospital. After completion of a 
Seniors Fellowship in Medical Oncology from Belgium, he served as a consultant in Haematology & Medical Oncology at the Rafic Hariri University Hospital Beirut & as a specialist in the same discipline at Advanced Care Oncology Center, at Al Zahra Hospital, & Prime Hospital, all in Dubai.

His credentials are impressive as is evident from the long list of memberships of prestigious associations like the Lebanese Order of Physicians, Lebanese Society of Medical Oncology, Belgian Order of Physicians, European Society of Medical Oncology, American Society of Medical Oncology, American Society of Haematology, Emirates Society of Oncology, & the Lebanese Society for pain management.

Dr. Labban has successfully treated cancer patients, both solid tumours & haematological with chemotherapy, advanced immunotherapy & advanced targeted therapy. He has managed different kinds of benign haematological conditions like anaemia, thrombocytopenia, immunodeficiency, bleeding disorders, & clotting disorders, etc. Prevention & treatment of side effects, bone marrow biopsy, bone marrow aspiration & pain management are some of his strengths.

During his tenure as a specialist, Dr. Labban has treated conditions like cancer, leukemia, anaemia, polycythemia, thrombocytopenia, thrombocytosis, bleeding disorders, coagulopathy, & thrombophilia.

He is fond of sports & in his free time, he likes sharing his knowledge by teaching. He speaks Arabic, English, and French fluently.

Haematology & Medical Oncology
Sharjah - Medcare Hospital
Years of Experience

Medical Doctor Diploma (Beirut Arab University)

Speciality Diploma in Internal Medicine (Rafic Hariri University Hospital Beirut)

Speciality Diploma in Haematology & Medical Oncology (Rafic Hariri University Hospital Beirut) Seniors Fellowship in Medical Oncology Brussels Belgium (Clinique Universitaire Saint Luc, Institut Roi Alber-II)

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