Dr. Ali Hussein Al-Ibrahim


Maternal Foetal Medicine

Dr. Ali Hussein Al Ibrahim is a Consultant in Maternal Foetal Medicine in the Department of OB-Gyne, Division of Maternal Foetal Medicine at Medcare Hospital Sharjah. He completed his degree at University of Toronto, Canada and King Faisal University, Dammam.

During his 20-year successful career, he has practiced maternal foetal medicine as a consultant in King Fahd National Guards Hospital, Riyadh (2002-2008), Qatif Central Hospital, Saudi Arabia (2008-2011) as Specialist and Acting Chairman of the department. From 2011 to 2013, he had his Fellowship at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. In 2013-2015, he was a Consultant Maternal Foetal Medicine at Dammam Maternity and Children's Hospital, Saudi Arabia. In 2015 up til now, he is currently the Consultant Maternal Foetal Medicine and Chair of the Department and Founder of the Kanad Maternal Foetal Medicine Department at Kanad Hospital, Al Ain, UAE. Since 2022, he is the Consultant and Founder of Mother and Fetuses Medical Center, Sharjah. From 2021 to 2022, he was a Consultant Maternal Foetal Medicine at Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai, UAE.

His is specialized in advanced foetal ultrasound, fetal echocardiography and neurosonography. In addition to diagnosis and managements of fetal structural abnormalities and chromosomal/ genetic conditions, fetal therapy periconceptional counseling and management of pregnancy with complex pre-existing maternal conditions, and severe pregnancy complications

Obstetrics & Gynaecolgy
Maternal Foetal Medicine
Sharjah - Medcare Hospital
Years of Experience
20 Years

MBBS, Arab Board, Saudi Board

University of Toronto Fellowship

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