Eman Aburezk
1515General Dentistry
Eman Aburezk
1515General Dentistry

Dr. Eman Aburezk is a General Dentist in the Dental Department of Medcare Hospital- Sharjah. After completing her basic education in medicine, she has garnered many certifications and diplomas. She has a Diploma in Cosmetic Dentistry, a Certificate in Advance Veneers and Veneer preparation, a Certificate in Anatomically Driven Endodontics, a Certificate in Characterisation Techniques for Zirconia, a Certificate in Digital Impression from Scan to Design, and other Certification in Prosthetic Advance, Conservative Advance and Laser Dentistry. She is a member of the Libyan Dentistry Society. 

She commenced her career as a dentist in Libya and then moved to the UAE where she served as a GP dentist first at Al Lubnani Medical Center, then at the Burjeel Hospital followed by Al Bushra Medical Center.

Dr. Aburezk’s expertise covers a wide range of treatments including laser treatment of gums and dental lesions, all types of gum rehabilitation procedures through laser and surgery, conservative treatments like removal of decayed teeth, surgical removal of impacted teeth, analysis of full arch for non-edentulous patients, prosthetic procedures including veneers, zircon, porcelain and Empress, creating Hollywood smile and all endodontic treatments. She has successfully performed paediatric procedures using general anaesthesia and nitrous oxide and carried out pulpotomy and pulpectomy in paediatrics.

During her leisure hours, Dr. Aburezk likes to keep fit by swimming and playing sports. She is fluent in both Arabic and English.

Sharjah - Medcare Hospital
Years of Experience
11 Years


Diploma in Cosmetic Dentistry

Certificate in Advance Veneers and Veneer preparation

Certificate in Anatomically Driven Endodontics

Certificate in Characterisation Techniques for Zirconia

Certificate in Digital Impression from Scan to Design

Certificate in Prosthetic Advance

Certificate in Conservative Advance

Certificate in Laser Dentistry

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