Dr. Marcia Martins



Dr. Marcia Emilia de Paula Martins is a Specialist in Ophthalmology at Medcare Eye Centre and the Marina branch of Medcare Medical Centre. She obtained her MBBS from Oswaldo Aranha Foundation University (UniFOA), a prestigious Medical School in Brazil where she graduated Summa Cum Laude in her class. She then did her Ophthalmology Residency Program from the Brazilian Board of Ophthalmology, followed by a Fellowship in Cataract, Cornea & External Eye Diseases, Glaucoma and Contact Lens and another Fellowship in Anterior Segment Surgeries, with emphasis on Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Dr. Martins was recognized as the Best Fellow in both the Fellowship Programmes.

During the early days of her career, Dr. Martins worked with the Hospital Complex Padre Bento de Guarulhos and Hospital Monumento in Brazil as an Ophthalmology Specialist. She then moved to Bahrain as a Senior Ophthalmology Specialist at the Al Reefy Eye & Lasik Centre. Subsequently, she moved first to Muscat in Oman as a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at the Finland Eye Centre and later to the UAE. Here, she worked as a Specialist Ophthalmologist at the North American Lasik & Eye Surgery Center in Dubai and Novomed in Umm Suqeim. Throughout her career, she has worked in leading hospitals and medical centres, giving the highest standards of care and the most effective and clinically proven treatments to her patients. She is one of the most sought-after Ophthalmologists in Dubai with over two decades of experience.

Dr. Martins's expertise lies in the area of refractive surgery for myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and presbyopia, Relex-Smile, Femto-Lasik, Lasik, Lasek, PRK, PTK and ICL. She carries out extremely delicate surgeries requiring precision including keratoconus intracorneal ring, corneal collagen cross-linking, cataract, glaucoma, Pterygium excision with graft, Chalazion, xanthelasma, cysts and eyelid lesion excision. She treats corneal and external eye diseases, dry eye, myopia, keratoconus, conjunctivitis, Blepharitis, eye allergies, corneal ulcer, keratitis, conjunctival and corneal abrasions and uveitis, and prescribes glasses and contact lenses. She uses advanced techniques like Argon laser, Yag laser (iridotomy and capsulotomy), probing and syringing, punctal plugs and intravitreal injections.

Throughout her professional journey, Dr. Martins has participated in several research studies and publications about ophthalmology and she regularly speaks at international seminars and conferences on the latest practices and techniques in ophthalmology.

She enjoys playing the piano and listening to classical music. She likes to keep fit by playing tennis and practising yoga in her spare time. She speaks English and Portuguese fluently.


Sheikh Zayed Road - Medcare Eye Centre
Marina - Medcare Medical Centre
Years of Experience
22 years

MBBS from Oswaldo Aranha Foundation University (UniFOA), Brazil,

Ophthalmology Residency Program from Brazilian Board of Ophthalmology,

Fellowship in Cataract, Cornea & External Eye Diseases, Glaucoma and Contact Lens,

Fellowship in Anterior Segment Surgeries, with emphasis in Cataract and Refractive Surgery

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