Marija Pavlovic
43Specialist Periodontics
Marija Pavlovic
43Specialist Periodontics

Dr. Marija Pavlovic is a periodontist and oral implantologist with a PhD from the School of Dentistry, University Belgrade in Serbia. She has tremendous work experience through her work at private clinics in Serbia and the UAE. She also has teaching experience, having been a faculty at the University Belgrade in Serbia.

Over the years, Dr. Pavlovic has been a member at a number of medical associations, including the Emirates Medical Association, the Serbian Society of Periodontology, the Serbian Periodontology and Implantology Association, the European Society of Periodontology and the Serbian Dental Association.

Dr. Marija Pavlovic’s expertise extends to both non-surgical, conservative periodontal treatments and all kinds of surgeries. She performs surgical therapy for gingival, resective periodontal surgery, regenerative periodontal surgery, flap surgery, guided tissue regeneration (GTR), reconstructive periodontal surgery, resective osseous surgery, mucogingival surgery, and surgical removal of impacted teeth. She provides therapy for furcation involvement. Dr. Pavlovic performs periodontal plastic and aesthetic surgery (mucogingival anomalies), cosmetic dentistry (veneers & teeth whitening), fillings, porcelain crowns and dentures. She takes care of the preparation of the periodontium for restorative dentistry. She does bone augmentation, implant placement and prosthodontics on implants, and tooth extraction. She also conducts diagnostic oral pathology (oral medicine).

In addition to her passion for her work, Dr. Marija Pavlovic is a person of varied interests, especially fashion, arts, sports, and travelling. She speaks English and Serbian.

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Years of Experience

Masters of Science in Dentistry - Postgraduate Studies At The Clinic of Periodontology and Oral Medicine, School of Dentistry University Belgrade, Serbia

Dentist Specialist: Periodontist and Oral Medicine Residency programme For Specialist Studies, Clinic For Periodontology and Oral Medicine - School of Dentistry University Belgrade, Serbia

Doctor of Dentistry - School of Dentistry University Belgrade, Serbia

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