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With 22 years of accomplishments, Dr. Moamen Amin Abdelrahim is a Consultant Urologist at the Medcare Hospital.  He completed his MBBCh from the Faculty of Medicine, then MSc in Urology followed by an Egyptian Medical Doctorate (MD, PhD) in Urology, all from the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. He has the privilege of being a member of the Medical Council of Canada LMCC and a has a Uro-oncology fellowship from McGill University health center, Montreal Canada. He is also member of several associations like the European Association of Urology, Emirate Medical Association, and the Canadian Urological Association.

Dr. Abdelrahim commenced his illustrious career as a urology resident at Al-Hussein University Hospital, in Cairo, Egypt. He then served as an assistant Lecturer of Urology at Al-Azhar University, also in Cairo. He found time to complete his fellowship in Paediatric Urology from the Montreal Children Hospital in Canada following which he completed a stint as a Lecturer of Urology, at Al-Azhar University. He obtained a Uro-oncology fellow in Montreal General Hospital, in Canada and practised as a Consultant Urologist at the Royal Commission Hospital, in Saudi Arabia. After moving to Dubai, he was first a Consultant Urologist in Zulekha hospital, followed by Gargash hospital and then at the International Modern hospital. All along he continued as an Associate Professor of Urology at Al-Azhar University, Cairo.

He has successfully treated conditions like urological tumours, male infertility, erectile dysfunction and andrology including male sexual dysfunction. He performs a range of surgeries which are reconstructive, organ sparing, and laparoscopic surgeries like percutaneous renal stone surgery, retrograde intra-renal surgery, minimally invasive stone procedures and prostate procedures, congenital anomalies reconstruction, endourological procedures including, ureteroscopy, with laser stone therapy and shock wave stone therapy. Other procedures that he has conducted cover open urological procedures including urolithiasis, urological tumours, transurethral resection of prostate endoscopically (TURP, TUIP), and Green laser prostatectomy as well as open prostatectomy for prostate, nerve sparing retro-pubic radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer, including varicocelectomy, nephrectomy and partial nephrectomy and undescended testis, urodynamic examination including cystometry, UPP and pressure flow stud.

 He is an expert in paediatric plastic urological surgery including hypospadias repair and pyeloplasty, and other congenital anomalies and stone procedures, female stress incontinence surgery and minimal invasive procedures (TOT) and intravesical Botox injection, interventional renal ultrasonography and transrectal ultrasonography. Dr Abdelrahim speaks both English and Arabic, fluently.

Sharjah - Medcare Hospital
Years of Experience

MBBCh, MD, PhD, MSc Urology, Al-Azhar Univesity, Cairo, Egypt.

Fellowship Uro-oncology from McGill Univesity, Montreal, Canada.

Fellowship in Paediatric Urology from the Montreal Children Hospital in Canada.

Member of Medical Council of Canada LMCC.

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