Dr. Saman Fallahi


Dentist and Prosthodontist

Dr. Saman Fallahi is a Specialist Dentist and Prosthodontist in the Department of Dentistry at the Jumeirah branch of Medcare Medical Centre. He completed his post-graduate studies in Prosthodontics from the School of Dentistry at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran and his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the School of Dentistry at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, also in Iran. He is a member of the Iranian Medical Council and a Board Member of the Iranian Association of Endodontists.

Dr. Fallahi is an accomplished prosthodontist and has spent nearly two decades working at private dental clinics in Tehran in Iran. He even taught for some time at the University of Medical Sciences in Tehran. He is skilled in Laser Dentistry and Endodontics as well. He moved to the UAE as a prosthodontist and implantologist working with Dentofaces Cosmetic Clinic before joining Medcare. Prosthetic and aesthetic treatments, maxillofacial prostheses and implant surgeries are his forte. He has presented and published several research papers in his chosen field of specialisation.

Dr. Fallahi is focused on endodontic treatment including root canals, periapical surgery, traumatic dental injuries, internal bleaching, apexogenesis, apexification, and revascularization treatments. He is proficient at restoration, cosmetic dentistry, periodontal surgery like crown lengthening, implant surgery and laser dentistry.He has successfully treated a variety of dental conditions using implants, prostheses, crowns, veneers, smile design, composite fillings, scaling and polishing, root planning, whitening, attrition and teeth abrasion. His repertoire of services also includes emergency dental treatments, preventive dental care, night guard treatment and occlusal adjustments.

Being an outdoor person, Dr. Fallahi loves spending his free time, mountaineering, climbing, swimming or skiing. He’s fond of listening to music too and speaks English and Farsi fluently.

Dentist and Prosthodontist
Jumeirah - Medcare Medical Centre
Years of Experience
22 Years

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), School of Dentistry at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

Post-graduate studies in Prosthodontics, School of Dentistry at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

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