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Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Shiva Harikrishnan
Shiva Harikrishnan
Shiva Harikrishnan
Shiva Harikrishnan
Shiva Harikrishnan
Shiva Harikrishnan

Dr. Shiva Harikrishnan

A highly qualified and experienced obstetrics and gynaecology specialist, Dr. Shiva Harikrishnan completed her MBBS, DGO and MD degrees from India. She is a fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (FRCOG) UK, and has also been awarded a Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynaecology by the International Association of Aesthetic Gynaecology, UK. She has completed a Diploma in IVF & Reproductive Medicine from Germany, a Diploma in Endoscopy from Germany and a Diploma in Advanced Laparoscopy from IRCAD in France.

Dr. Harikrishnan has further built on her knowledge by her vast work experience at hospitals in India and the UAE. She has been associated with Medeor 24x7 Hospital, International Modern Hospital, Welcare Hospital, and Dr.Abdul Lateef Clinic in the UAE. She has also worked at the A.J.Hospital in Trivandrum, India. Dr. Harikrishnan is a member of the International Society for Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ISUOG), UK.

Dr. Shiva Harikrishnan has rich clinical experience in all aspects of obstetrics and gynaecology. She is an expert at managing high risk pregnancies. She performs a variety of procedures by using laparoscopic techniques. These include: diagnostics, ovarian drilling, ectopic pregnancy, surgery for ovarian cysts, total laparoscopic hysterectomy (even for big uterus and previous multiple fibroids), myomectomy (expertise in removing huge fibroids), laparoscopy assisted vaginal hysterectomy, surgery for vault prolapse, sling surgery for prolapse of uterus, sacro-colpopexy, endometriosis. She performs pelvic floor repair and uses tension free tape (TVT / TOT) to treat urinary stress incontinence. She is an expert at diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, and endometrial thermal ablation (Thermachoice).

Dr. Harikrishnan helps patients with the management of gynaecological endocrine disorders, menstrual irregularities, puberty menorrhagia. She provides guidance about prenatal screening, contraception & menopausal problems, preconceptual and premarital counselling, infertility related issues. She gives treatment for polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) management and conducts ervical cancer screening by pap smear. Dr. Harikrishnan also performs a wide range of aesthetic gynaecology procedures, including vaginal rejuvenation & tightening by laser, radiofrequency treatment for vaginal tightening, vulval bleaching (by peeling), vulval whitening (by laser), o shot (PRP injection), vulval augmentation with filters, g spot augmentation, treatment for vaginismus by Botox treatment, HiFU (high-frequency ultrasound) for vaginal tightening. Dr. Harikrishnan is also an expert at PRP treatment for lichen sclerosis, treatment of vulvar pain disorders and performing colposcopy, 3d and 4d ultrasound, foetal ultrasound Doppler, well woman check-up, and cancer screening of uterus and breast.

In spite of her hectic work schedule, Dr. Shiva Harikrishnan finds time to pursue her passion for travelling, gardening and cooking. She can speak Arabic, English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Sheikh Zayed Road - Medcare Women & Children Hospital
Years of Experience

Fellowship In Cosmetic Gynaecology, International Association Of Aesthetic Gynaecology , United Kingdom, 2018,

Diploma In Ivf & Reproductive Medicine , Michigan, Germany, 2018,

Diploma In Endoscopy, Kiel School Of Germany, Germany, 2018,

Diploma In Advanced Laparoscopy, Ircad, , France, 2017,

F.R.C.O.G, Royal College Of Obstetrcians & Gynaecologists, London,, United Kingdom, 2016,

I.S.U.O.G, International Society For Ultrasound In Obstetrics And Gynecology, London, , United Kingdom, 2007,

M.R.C.P.I (Obstetric Medicine), Royal College Of Physicians Ireland., Germany, 2003,

M.R.C.O.G , Royal College Of Obstetrcians & Gynaecologists, London, , United Kingdom, 2002,

M.D, Medical College Calicut Kerala, INDIA, 1993,

D.G.O, Medical College Calicut Kerala, INDIA, 1992,

M.B.B.S, Medical College Trivandrum Kerala, INDIA, 1989,

Dr. Shiva Harikrishnan also treats the following conditions:
Shiva Harikrishnan also treats the following conditions:
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