Dr. Vanesha Varik


General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Vanesha Varik is a General and Laparoscopic Surgery Specialist at the Al Safa branch of Medcare Medical Centre. She obtained her MBBS and Master in General Surgery (MS), for which she won a Gold Medal from the Goa Medical College and Hospital, India. She has completed a Fellowship in Essential Laparoscopic Surgery (FIAGES) from Bhatia General Hospital in India. She is the recipient of the Jindal Jubilee Gold Medal, Dr. Wilfred D'souza Gold Medal & Scholarship, Late Mrs. Laxmibai Raghunath Shirodkar Memorial Prize at the MS (Gen Surgery) Examination held by the Goa University. She is a member of the Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons (IAGES).
Dr. Varik commenced her career as a Junior and Senior Resident at the Goa Medical College and Hospital, India followed by the position of Surgery Registrar Laparoscopic and GI Fellow at Bhatia General Hospital. She worked as a Clinical Assistant in OT at Breach Candy Hospital and as a Junior Consultant in General Surgery at St. Elizabeth Hospital both in Mumbai, India. She then relocated to the UAE, where she worked as a Specialist Laparoscopic and General Surgeon, at Aster Hospital, Mankhool.

Dr. Varik manages all general and laparoscopic surgeries like hernias (ventral, inguinal, paraumbilical, Spigellian, incisional), cholecystectomy, appendectomy, intestinal resection and anastomosis, colectomies, thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy and superficial parotidectomy. She has successfully performed the excision of thyroglossal cysts, breast surgeries (benign and malignant, proctology (haemorrhoidectomy, stapler haemorrhoidopexy, fistula, fissure), excision of lumps and bumps (Desmoid, scar endometriosis lipoma, sebaceous cysts), Chemoport placement, tracheostomy, CVP placement, colostomy and ileostomy. She treats conditions like Diabetic Foot, abscess, ulcers, gangrene, necrotizing Fasciitis, pilonidal sinus, peritonitis, bowel perforations, duodenal ulcer perforations and intestinal obstructions.

She spends her free time reading fiction, writing blogs, sketching and painting in oil and acrylic. She speaks English, Hindi, Konkani and Marathi.

General & Laparoscopic Surgery
General & Laparoscopic Surgery
Al Safa - Medcare Hospital
Years of Experience


Masters in General Surgery (MS)-

Gold Medallist in from Goa Medical College and Hospital, India,

Fellowship in Essential Laparoscopic Surgery (FIAGES) from Bhatia General Hospital

Member of royal college of physicians and surgeon of Glasglow {MRCPS[Glasg]}

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