Thank You for everyone at Medcare for being so caring and compassionate.

- Jana Uchrincova


When we finally took this perfect little baby Krista home, it seemed almost surreal & extraordinary. With the help of the doctors & nurses at Medcare Women & Children Hospital, our daughter was able to recover fully & get discharged after almost 200 days in the hospital.

The medical team was updating us on Krista’s condition daily, which helped us built greater trust in the team & calmed us down as parents knowing she was in good hands. We are sure that once Krista is old enough, she would want to come back & say hi & thank you to the fantastic staff who helped save her life.

Mother of Baby Krista

When I visited Medcare after finding out that I was tested positive for COVID-19, the doctors & nurses who attended to my needs were very reassuring, informative & above all caring. While there was a pandemic out there, there was lots of empathy at Medcare. As I made my exit fully recovered, I made around turn & saluted its management & staff. You are all my heroes.

Roy Aftimos

Watch this touching story of Usman’s life's transformation. Obesity not only affected his health but also his relationship & work. See how a meeting with Dr. Hussam Trabulsi, weight-loss expert at Medcare Hospital, Dubai transformed his life.

Usman Afzal

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