Being an employer of choice is integrated into Medcare’s values. We are keen to remain that way and want to work with all employees to fulfil our mission. We have a clear strategy to incorporate learning and development initiatives into our day-to-day running of the business. The learning and development initiatives will always be part of the focus at Medcare, with clear progressive pathways of skills laid out for every employee.

Your learning & development journey begins on Day 1 of joining the organisation and continues throughout your experience with us:

  • All new employees are introduced effectively.
  • Employees are prepared both for any operational change and to take advantage of promotional opportunities which may arise. 
  • Employees are encouraged to acquire additional skills and qualifications, which will assist them in their career.

Medcare acknowledges the fact that our staff are their greatest asset, and the right recruitment and induction processes are vital in ensuring that the new employees are set up for success and are supported to reach their potential.


Everyone who joins us takes part in our induction programme. It is part of your mandatory training and introduces you to Aster DM Heathcare and Medcare. It’s an opportunity for you to know how we work, as well as giving you essential employment-related information and an opportunity to meet your new colleagues.

  • Corporate inductions: All new employees attend the corporate induction. It covers key information such as the Medcare’s history, vision, mission and values, policies, procedures to name a few.
  • Unit and department inductions: All new staff will have a departmental induction. It includes facility tour, HR orientation, and orientation from all the key departments. The department induction primarily covers departmental policies and procedures.

Mandatory Training

Medcare provides a comprehensive range of training which we have determined as mandatory for various roles. Much of our compulsory training is delivered through either e-learning or face to face training at regular intervals.


In addition to mandatory modules, our e-learning platform hosts a broad range of training topics, including a suite of management development programmes.

Continuous Medical Education

Medcare actively encourages CME in line with an individual’s professional body’s requirements. This can take a variety of forms from face to face training, e-learning or on the job learning.

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