Is Rhinoplasty Worth It?


Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a procedure done to change the functioning or appearance of the nose. From changing the shape, size, and proportions of the nose to fixing medical problems such as breathing difficulties, congenital disabilities, or trauma defects, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider rhinoplasty.  

But whatever the reason, it is imperative to understand the procedure and it's worth before deciding to go under the knife. This article will educate you about the procedure and its benefits, recovery period, and other considerations so that you can make the right decision for your nose job.

How is rhinoplasty done?

Rhinoplasty or nose plastic surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, or local anaesthesia with sedation. There are two techniques used when surgically altering or improving the nose's appearance; open and closed technique. Both the techniques are different, offer individual advantages and cannot be compared for better outcomes.  

While the open technique has an external incision on columella, there is no external incision on the outer side of the nose in the close technique as incisions are hidden inside the patient’s nose, and modifications are performed from inside the nostrils. There are some more advantages of C&N (Close Rhinoplasty & Natural Look) such as:

  • No lifting of the skin.
  • No scar.
  • Shorter surgical time.
  • More natural look.
  • Faster recovery.
  • Less trauma.
  • Excellent experience in both primary and revision cases.

Though the close technique seems more advantageous for some nasal modifications, still, your surgeon is the best person to decide whether an open or closed technique can give the optimal treatment results. 

This way, nose lift or nose reshaping is performed. In addition to cosmetic surgery, we also restore the function of the nose at the same time by correcting the nasal septum deviation and reducing the size of turbinate’s to improve the nasal airway and breathing.

Recovery after the procedure:

You can go home the same day after the procedure, but at least one week off from work is required to allow healing. You should take proper rest and apply ice on the nose. No forceful blowing of the nose is permitted, and it should be cleaned thoroughly every day. Swelling may occur for the first 3–4 days and gradually subsides after that. Pain medications are given to decrease the discomfort but are generally required only for the first few days.  

Within a week, all the discomfort, pain and swelling resolves, and the cast and splints can be removed. You can join work and do all daily activities, including workouts. But any contact sport must be avoided for at least six weeks to prevent injury to the nose. Complete healing from the surgery may take 6 to 12 months.

Benefits of rhinoplasty:

Rhinoplasty gives long-lasting results, and you observe gradual changes in the appearance and functioning of the nose over the course of one year with permanent end results. Here are the benefits of rhinoplasty that can change the way you look or breathe:  

  • Improved breathing.
  • Corrected congenital disabilities such as clefts, masses, lumps, underdevelopment, etc.
  • Restored facial symmetry.
  • Improve self-confidence.

Deciding on rhinoplasty:

Rhinoplasty for medical reasons is indicated if all other conservative treatments fail to provide relief. A common medical reason that requires surgery is difficulty in breathing through the nose due to nasal obstruction. As far as cosmetic reasons are concerned, rhinoplasty can produce exceptional results and give the desired shape to your nose for an improved facial appearance.  

Another thing to consider while deciding whether to opt for surgery is the cost of rhinoplasty. The expenses vary from hospital to hospital and could depend upon the extent of surgery required and your facial appearance. Though you should keep all these factors in mind while deciding about your nose surgery, looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon is equally essential to get the desired transformation. 

At Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres, the team of rhinoplasty surgeons is well-versed with all the modern techniques and experienced enough to fix your nasal problems and give you a fresh new appearance.


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