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Occupational Therapy - Adult & Child

In Dubai and the UAE, the importance of occupational therapy in mental health is widely recognized. Occupational therapists understand the far-reaching effects of mental health problems on individuals, their families, and the community as a whole. They take a proactive approach to preventing mental health issues and ensure that people's occupational needs and potential are met by engaging in meaningful and purposeful activities.

If you are looking for the best occupational therapist in Dubai, you can find them at various occupational therapy centres throughout the city. These therapists use a holistic, biopsychosocial, and person-centered approach to help individuals overcome mental health issues by focusing on changing aspects of the person, occupation, environment, or a combination of these factors to enhance occupational participation. They also have expertise in building relationships and using the therapeutic self to identify meaningful activities that motivate and provide incentives for psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery.

In addition to adult mental health, paediatric occupational therapy is also available in Dubai to help children overcome developmental and behavioural issues. For those interested in pursuing occupational therapy as a career, occupational therapy courses are available in Dubai and throughout the UAE. These courses offer specialized training in evidence-based interventions, including skills training, education, group work, self-management, and community inclusion and participation strategies.

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