Mr. Caolan McGilly


Occupational Therapist

Mr. Caolan McGilly is a skilled Occupational Therapist working at the Jumeirah branch of Medcare Medical Centre. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Occupational Therapy from Coventry University, UK. He is a member of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), UK.

Mr. McGilly commenced his career as an Occupational Therapist and then became a Senior Occupational Therapist with the Community Learning Disability Team at the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (BHSCT), UK. He worked for a while with the Montefiore, Aged Care Australia as an Occupational Therapist. He then returned to Belfast to serve as an Advanced Practitioner Occupational Therapist and subsequently as Residential Facility Manager with the BHSCT Community Learning Disability Team. He has now moved to the UAE to join Medcare.

As a healthcare professional, Mr. McGilly focuses on improving people’s ability to perform the tasks that they need to do in their everyday lives. His expertise covers the entire gamut of emotional regulation, social skills, attention, concentration, gross motor and fine motor skills, handwriting, self-esteem and activities of daily living like dressing, etc.  He works with children to overcome the barriers that are stopping them from doing what they want to do. This includes school or classroom integration, handwriting home programmes, sensory home programmes and mental health well-being.

He uses his spare time fruitfully by participating in outdoor activities like Triathlons, hiking and playing Gaelic Football. He enjoys travelling too. Mr. McGilly speaks English.


Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Jumeirah - Medcare Medical Centre
Years of Experience
7 years

Bachelors in Science with Honors in Occupational Therapy from Coventry University, UK

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