Rauan Alashkar
901Clinical Dietician
Rauan Alashkar
901Clinical Dietician

Dr. Rauan Alashkar is a diet and nutrition specialist at Medcare. She has completed her Masters Degree in Sport Nutrition from Jordanian University, and has also done a Diploma in Human Resources. Dr. Alashkar has a wealth of experience as a clinical dietician, having held positions at the Fitgate Centre, Wellness by Design, Rami Hamed Centre, and the American Spine Centre. She is a member of the American Nutrition Association (ANA). Dr. Alashkar guides her patients on all aspects of managing health through proper diet and nutrition, and treats conditions such as malnutrition, swallowing problems, weight loss, kidney disease, food allergies, food intolerance, eating disorders, and celiac disease. She guides on the nutrition support required in the treatment of various conditions such as stroke, orthopaedics problems, liver disease, respiratory conditions, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and gynaecological conditions. She advises patients with specific diet and nutrition needs, such as sportspeople, bariatric surgery patients, pregnant women, aged patients, those on a gluten-free diet, lactose-free diet, patients in intensive care.

Dr. Alashkar has a great interest in travelling, exploring new countries, and cooking. She can speak Arabic, English and Russian.

Diet & Nutrition
Clinical Dietician
Al Safa - Medcare Hospital
Russian, Syrian
Years of Experience

Diet and Nutrition, Applied Science University, Jordan

Masters Degree in Sport Nutrition, Jordanian University, Amman, Jordan

Dip HR, Cambridge University, Jordan

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