Diabetes Management/Control Programme

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The goal of the Diabetes Management Programme is to ultimately reduce a patient’s hemoglobin A1C level. Through coaching, consultations, & changes in lifestyle - your case manager will help you effectively manage your diabetes. 

Please scan the QR code to download the teleMEDCARE app (iOS and Android users).

Features the Diabetes Management Programme include:

Tools: An easy-to-use health coaching app.

Lifestyle: Personalised health coach, mini targets & a plan set with your case manager, discounts on healthy meal plan subscription, gym membership, & a personal trainer.

Medical: Appointment booking assistance from your case manager, appointment reminders from your case manager, a complimentary Home Service, 30% off on future Homecare Services, a complimentary consultation with a psychologist & a nutritionist, & a tailored care plan set by your treating physician.

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