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Are you looking for doctor consultation at home/ doctor on call?  Your search ends here!

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Back in the day, it was common for GPs to visit their patients at home on a regular basis but in the modern era, we visit our GP at his or her clinic, by appointment. But what if you aren’t able to get to that clinic, due to illness or mobility issues? Or an older adult needs medical attention but is in no condition to travel?

At times like this don’t you wish you could just pick up the phone & ask a doctor to visit you at home? 

Medcare’s Doctor on Call Services in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE

At Medcare, access to medical care is a top priority. Our wide network of medical facilities with qualified & trained physicians are dedicated to providing you with high quality, personalized & confidential medical care in the comfort of your home.
Our mantra is to actively manage your multiple medical needs, while keeping you out of crowded waiting rooms. We believe that healthcare is not just a service but also an experience that enriches people.

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