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Do you need to have a lab test but you have limited time in your busy day to go to the hospital or the medical centre?

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Often, getting lab testing involves a lengthy process – from your visit to the doctor, scheduling an appointment and getting the lab tests done. For most people, this could take a lot of time and cause stress!

At Medcare, we have just the solution to simplify this process for you!  From a routine blood count to an infection detecting culture test - we’ll be able to take care of everything for you wherever you are.

Our belief in positive change and using best practices in healthcare delivery enables us to provide this service for you in the privacy, safety and comfort of your own space. Our qualified expert laboratory technicians are available to visit you at home, collect samples and then get them sent to you digitally.

You can schedule a home visit by simply filling up the appointment form and you will receive a call back from our customer service representative to schedule your home lab visit!

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