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What is PRP treatment for hair loss?

Platelet rich plasma treatment, your blood plasma enriched with platelets is injected into your scalp, to create new hair follicles. PRP injections trigger natural hair growth and maintain it by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle and increasing the thickness of the hair shaft.

Possible Causes: 

The underlying causes of hair loss could be hereditary, certain health issues, and disorders of the hair shaft. If hair at the top of the head has been lost permanently, hair from the back and sides can be transplanted there. PRP treatment is based on stimulating hair follicles using your blood platelets. This treatment is suitable for individuals with areas where functioning hair follicles can still be observed.

Risk Factors: 

Hereditary, hormonal changes, medical conditions, medications and certain treatments such as chemotherapy can increase the risk of hair loss and baldness.  


Your dermatologist will need to determine the type of hair loss and underlying causes. Investigations will include - a detailed medical history, family history, history of illnesses, medications, hair care routine etc.

Treatment Options: 

The specialist at Medcare will discuss with you and recommend if PRP is effective for hair loss of your type. In a hair transplant, the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon removes tiny patches of skin, each containing a few hairs, from the back or side of the scalp. These are implanted follicle by follicle into the bald sections. You may need more than one surgery to get the results you want. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment:
The doctor will take some of your blood and spin it to separate the platelets. These platelets are then put back into the liquid part of blood (the plasma). Platelets have hundreds of specialised proteins called growth factors that aid healing.

PRP is injected into your scalp with a small needle so that the growth factors can help to create or stimulate new hair follicles. The procedure is quick, relatively painless, and suitable for hair loss caused by most reasons. You will need multiple monthly sessions.

FAQs: الأسئلة الشائعة:
  • How can I prevent hair loss?

    A: You can take care of your hair in the following ways:

    • Avoid pulling your hair tightly into braids or buns.
    • Avoid compulsively pulling your hair.
    • Treat your hair gently when washing and brushing.
    • Avoid harsh hair treatments such as far as possible.
    • Check whether your medications are causing hair loss, and if you suspect they are, discuss alternatives with your doctor.
    • Protect your hair from sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light.
    • Stop smoking. 
    • If you are getting chemotherapy, ask your doctor about a cooling cap. This can protect your hair from the effects of chemotherapy.