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Orthotic Sciences is a field of medicine that deals with the prescription, designing, fabrication & fitting of an Orthopedic device to correct, support or prevent the deformity in case of musculoskeletal abnormalities.

Orthotist (Orthotic Technologist) is a qualified professional & is member of multidisciplinary team & he/she is responsible for the provision of suitable orthopedic devices (orthosis) to the physically challenged people to enhance their mobility &/or to correct the deformities e.g Blounts, Flatfoot etc

What is an Orthosis?

Orthosis is an Orthopedic device used to support, stabilize or to correct the musculoskeletal deformities. Orthosis are also indicated to stabilize the fractures & are in use for postoperative rehabilitation. There are different indications of Orthosis which includes

  • Provide Support & Stability to a weakened body part.
  • Correction of the musculoskeletal deformities e.g Scoliosis.
  • Prevention of the recurrence/relapse of the deformity after the correction (surgical/casting).
  • To stop the progression of the deformity.
  • Offloading in diabetic patients.
  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation.
  • Long Term Care (bed bound patient care).

When to see an Orthotist?

Being part of multidisciplinary team, Orthotist works in close collaboration of physiotherapist & treating doctor to ensure the proper implementation of rehabilitation & reintegration plans. Orthotist is actually dealing with the bio-mechanics of your body to reduce the excessive stress on one muscle group to ensure balance & stability. In most of the cases your treating doctor refers you to an Orthotist for an appropriate orthosis &/or they can also directly consulted for a thorough postural assessment.

How can Orthosis help?

In current era, orthotics sciences has made remarkable progress & proved its effectiveness in non-surgical management of certain conditions such as Scoliosis, Blounts, Plagiocephaly etc. Orthosis helps us to provide support & stability to weak limb. In addition to that they are equally effective for the correction of certain deformities & are also in practice to maintain the correction achieved either surgically or with the plaster.

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