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Prosthetic Sciences is a field of medicine that deals with the prescription, designing, fabrication & fitting of a missing body part of a patient, who lost his/her body part due to an injury or disease.

Prosthetist (Prosthetics Technologist) is a qualified professional & is member of multidisciplinary team & he/she is responsible for the provision of clinical prosthetic care to the patient.

What is a Prosthesis?

Prosthesis is an artificial leg/arm or any other body part which is used to replace the shape & the function of the missing part. There are different types of prosthesis available which includes

  • Cosmetic Prosthesis are used only to restore the shape of missing part.
  • Conventional Prosthesis are made of wood, leather or metal.
  • Modular Prosthesis are made of high tech material e.g Titanium, etc.
  • Bionic Prosthesis are the most advanced type of artificial limb which is a function limb controlled by the brain.

When to see a Prosthetist?

In case of Elective amputation (removal of body part) it is advisable to see Prosthetist prior to amputation to check for the appropriate level of amputation required for proper fitting & function of artificial leg in future. Prosthetist is also responsible to start stump preparation after the surgery so that post-operative edema & contractures could be avoided. In emergency amputation, it is advised to see Prosthetist right after the surgery for advice & stump maturation procedures.

How can prosthetics help?

Artificial limbs (legs/arms etc) are designed to replace the shape & the function of the missing body part. They are made specifically for a single user according to the skin color & to provide desired function.

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